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Greenhill Animal Liberation Italy


April saw hundreds of Animal activists swarm on to Green Hill (Italy)  overwhelming police and staff at the facility taking almost 86% of the Beagles that was located in their dingy underground kennels. What a day to, Green Hill has been at the centre of attention now for some years by the Animal Rights community that have pushed hard to close down but without success as of yet. Green Hill supplies Beagles and other canines all over the world. Located in Montichiari Brescia a small village in Italy, Green Hill breeds up to 250-300 dogs a month for vivisection or in general terminology animal slaughter.

Although Activists that rescued the Beagles, were placed in prison the pups are now thriving and doing very well. The activists have since been released but Green Hill continues to breed  . There are many farms like this all over the world that H.L.S (Huntingdon Life Science) Aztrvenaca and Procter and Gamble use aswell from which thousands of animals are bred for cruel sick experiments, that are not even of any use for the human. Any medicines or operational procedures, or clinical testing that is done still has to be put through the test via human research.

There has been some shocking images and videos of undercover footage emerging from all of the named laboratories, the same laboratories that the governments like to keep quiet about. Once one is shut down another will silently open. The sad reality though does not stop there. Many scientists will buy from kill centres claiming that they can give the dog a better life. Some we have noted have been buying from many evening news online paper adds. Why? as they do not want the public knowing where these farms are located.

Green Hill is the largest breeder of dogs for the research facility, many people have documented on it like High Gate too. When will it end? how long is a piece of string. When will humans stop neglecting their own bodies and eat healthy, that could be the best answer. So the only way from which were going to have these laboratories closed down is by either lobbying the government, constant direct action, or mass intervention from the public.

A freedom of information request is going to be obtained from the House’s of Parliament to see exactly how many animals have been slaughtered to date from the named laboratories. We know their lying just by simply looking at the H.L S site today, and notice in the print below they never mention how many primates they test on they just quote “other mammals”.

So for 2010 which is not an up to date catalogue of abuse HLS “claim”

Total number of animals (HLS): 67,806

By species: Mouse: 19.25% Fish: 3.45% Rat: 71.05% Bird: 0.92% Other mammals: 5.31%

Total number of animals (UK): 2,770,000

By species: Mouse: 72% Fish: 8% Rat: 8% Bird: 4% Other mammals: 3%

From our research we can say that this is by far a lot “greater” than H.L.S claim for 2010 and its also out of date and they also by law have to show all animals used in research/purchased to the Home Office. Huntingdon Life Sciences Research (claim) they release data to the home office on an annual basis. We have looked several times and have not found this information. We have also googled such questions and found that many who have applied for this information from (2010-2011) have had it denied. So as of that information being with held then we will ask for it. Should you wish to ask yourself too. You can visit the United Kingdoms Home Office website and look for freedom of information bill then apply. Please ensure that any other institutions that you apply for you “read the freedom of request page” to see if you have to pay before writing or emailing.

Home Office site address is for the bill of information FoIRequests@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk  and their site is http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/about-us/freedom-of-information/asking-for-info/ and their previous released data is http://search.homeoffice.gov.uk/search?q=cache:s8fGnHub9fcJ:www.homeoffice.gov.uk/publications/agencies-public-bodies/CRB/Freedom-of-information/all-foi-responses/21136-disclosures-submitted/response-21136-table%3Fview%3DBinary+Huntingdon+Life+Sciences+Research+Centre&access=p&output=xml_no_dtd&site=default_collection&ie=UTF-8&client=default_frontend&proxystylesheet=default_frontend&oe=UTF-8

Most research laboratories now use what are defined as the three (R’S) Reduction, Refinement Replacement they go by this simple terminology (Reduction - The concept of reduction in animal research refers to methods that result in the use of fewer animals to obtain scientifically valid information. Reduction also can be achieved by obtaining more information from a given number of animals so that in the long run fewer animals are needed) (Refinement - In the world of animal research, “refinement” refers to methods to reduce possible stress or discomfort to the animals involved. It also encompasses measures to improve animals’ overall well-being and environment)  (Replacement - Advances in technology have given scientists a number of alternatives to using animals in research. Use of tissue cultures and computer models are examples of alternatives that may, in some research studies, replace the need for animals.

The three (R’s) are not used in animal research at all the first being (reduction) in which fewer animal are used in research is a blatant lie,  (refinement) to reduce animal stress? so by again just looking at the Beagles that were rescued from the Italian breeding centre it showed that the Beagles “vocal chords had been cut out” as to stop annoying the researchers during experiments and going back to refinement that showed over 250 pups are being bred a month for research facilities across the (EU) is again a gross understatement. (Replacement) ” have given scientists a number of alternatives to using animals in research.” we would like to see this used in practice.

There are many other different varieties of research such as (CES) Comparative epidemiological Studies and stem cell research but again these alternatives are not as we can see being put to practice and by the number of farms that are located in the (EU) this is clearly all bulls***.We do not want the three (R’s) used at all we want complete animal freedom and only then we will stop once every cage is empty.


Until Every Cage is Empty

We shall continue …. .. ..

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