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Tension Rising

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We all have a boiling point that turns in to complete rage and loss of self-control within the home or society. There is a huge difference though when it comes to deliberate domestic rage or the need to convey our energy to the people who are not listening to us. You will always come of the worst though to the law enforcement agencies as it is just another act of criminal behaviour. Riots and protests we have seen becoming a far lot worse over the years. Why do I dare ask, well its many factors such as a dishonest government or a complete break down in social society to lack of education, economic funding and needs being met in today’s world.

Mass protests, throughout history have come at a time when enough of the population has been affected by policies of the rulers and elite. They have often been met with brutal, efficient crackdown by the guardians of the elite. Military forces have been drafted in such as the uprising in Libya and then in Syria that has seen many innocent people murdered who just wanted their rights, freedom of speech/expression and economic justice brought back from the dark ages.

The I.R.A. [Irish Republican Army] and other loyalists caused mass outrage in Ireland and main land Britain planting semtex car bombs or shooting innocent people, but then this was not actual protests it was more a fight for freedom rather than tension. This was a deliberate act of war focused on becoming independent. The worst such protest that was peaceful when it started Bogside Massacre or [Bloody Sunday] was an incident on 30 January 1972 in the Bogside area of Derry, Northern Ireland, in which 26 unarmed civil-rights protesters and bystanders were shot by soldiers of the British Army.

Thirteen males, seven of whom were teenagers, died immediately or soon after, while the death of another man four-and-a-half months later was attributed to the injuries he received on that day. Two protesters were also injured in the conflict. The freedom conflict has since ended though with some agreements being made and installed, but the conflict still secretly goes on under ground with other dissidents

Bloody Sunday 1972 Killings [ all for peace ]

Zimbabwe saw a mass uprising of the black population tearing down all white owned farms that did not belong to them, raping women, men and children under president Mugabe’s rules to free the land for “his people”. Not only was this a racial war this was an illegal ordered uprising against the white nationals. Sadly we have now seen a country that thrived in agriculture and high income to a poverty sickened land that has barely no growth on any farms along hypermarket shelves empty which has caused thousands of people to starve.

Then we saw the London riots that spread across most of Great Britain, that caused millions of pounds of damage and many people’s livelihoods lost as of the social uprising due to again government promises being broken and lies that turned society against one another.

The occupy of wall street in New York that is now spreading to other American cities is still on going. When will it end? when we see change and promises not broken. Money not withheld and Government along with vast size companies coming clean about their back hander’s or evasions of law.

Then we come to the animal rights movement, again we see tensions arising, in Europe, America and Australia against the research laboratories, To Australia and Asia. To the high seas with conservationists battling whalers, to [lone wolf’s] taking the law in to their own hands taking down what should not be there that is killing the environment and the animals within it. To daily protests and land battles in Africa and Kenya against the lack of governments response to end the Rhino and Elephant killings.

We now though have to start thinking before we act, is violence the reasonable choice here to save a problem?.. As Gandhi said if we take and eye for an eye, then eventually everyone in this world will be blind. Animal rights extremists are taking the law in to their own hands thinking this is the correct course of action and from that, believing they be will all be martyrs if they are caught and then held in a maximum security prison. We can not fight the battles if were held in these centres. At first your noticed and then your forgotten about with the odd mention of your names from time to time on a various blog or Facebook page.

This site is not for causing or promoting violence. It is for [education] and highlighting to the world what the problems are. How is one going to archive altering the laws by burning down a slaughter-house, or attempting to kill an animal abuser. All you’re doing is aiding more protection for the animal abuser or the government body that is flouting the laws.

The recent lobbying of the animal freight delivery’s for research centres managed to get us somewhere. Now many EU cargo planes and ships have said they will refuse now to move any animals for research to destinations around the globe. Why? as it is effecting their trade, and hitting them in the pocket. The public became aware at the ports as well as creating [un-wanted] attentions from the media that these vast companies did not want. Please view link. https://apps.facebook.com/theguardian/science/2012/mar/14/animal-rights-activists-research-transport?post_gdp=true

However not all is as easy said then done. To fight against governments beliefs and support for [animal testing] that it believes is the correct course of action to help eliminate diseases that then lower the cost of health services is not always going to be easy. We all know what goes on in the laboratories, we all know that data and records are withheld. I belive that we should concentrate our fight on the animal research but I also think the tables should be turned now on to those that are [causing theresearch] “humans”.

Some of the health statistics for  Americans that have suffered the following heart disease, liver disease, stroke, diabetes, are below in the blue link, and please do not get me wrong we are all documenting on this in some way, but it is not enough. We MUST show to the world what they are doing and WHO is suffering for it. Please read some of the statistics below.


How many people die/suffer in America from cardio disease every year is as follows 5 million suffer cardio vascular failure and 300,000 a year die from heart disease or sudden cardio vascular arrest. On average every 40 seconds an American will suffer from a stroke and 795,000 will have a recurrent stroke, most of which will live through it. The group that is now in the [HIGH]  are 20-30 year olds as of social pressure and boredom.

The reason for such statistics are peer pressure, alcohol and drug abuse, and mental health issues. All of which 85% can be controlled. The government does not like to publish these figures as it leads to low-income, or scare tactics. Only this week the very president Barack Obama was caught on camera devouring dead flesh burger and fries. Is this really an example to set to the world?.

So then the whole vicious circle goes round and round. eventually it will break. But when?. All of the medicines that are being produced to combat these illnesses are failing as the human body gets use to them, meaning more animals have to be tested on = more angry animal rights activists. The time has come to now think before we act. Rioting is not going to cause much, education will make a great deal. Tensions are rising in all community sectors and now its the time that we all addressed them in a civilised democratic manner instead of smashing the world to pieces.

We must investigate the facts, alone, one on one or in a group. Gathering intelligence, qualifications and degrees. Now is the time to work silently like the governments do. To beat them you have to think like them. Place yourselves in their shoes. Then the answers to tensions rising will soon be resolved.

It is time we showed the world more of what we desire, instead of violence. It actually works. Please view the video below to, in the vodpod. Thank you… .. ..

Violence is going to get you no where, it's time to change the tatics.!

 Give Peace A Chance

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms”


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