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Research On The Researchers


Bergeron is a Professor of Drug development who built a career by imprisoning and torturing all kinds of animals. However, since we are determined to shut down primate experimentation in UF, we only intend to focus on his crimes against monkeys. Please note that this arrogant terrorist has partnered with the industrial abusers at Proctor & Gambleto extract the greatest profits for all from the animals to whom he has personally sentenced to lives of torment, disease, misery, and death.

While his glowing CV of atrocities will be revealed in staggering detail in the coming days and months, Bergeron’s claim to fame is primarily chelation. Professor Bergeron has a vast grand house in the states, and is one arrogant animal abuser who has no care in the world of the crimes he has committed.

Procter & Gamble are by far no nicer people too. They have rained terror on animals for their products such as domestic household cleaners, medicines and more.

Investigating ways to better treat iron-overload diseases, Bergeron, who holds 119 patents, currently has two drugs in clinical trials. One drug is used for treatment of liver cancer. The other was developed for the treatment of children with a rare anemia disease in which iron builds up, causing an overload that cannot be effectively eliminated. The therapeutic choices for this disease are few, and generally the success rate is very poor. Clinical trials are in progress at five U.S. centers to assess the safety, tolerability and efficacy of DENSPM in hepatocellular carcinoma.

Raymond G Booth PHD is another clinical animal researcher who also tests on animals too. His CV though is not as repulsive as “Frankensteins”. One of his latest CV boosts is the Effect of (-)-trans-PAT, a novel 5-HT2C receptor agonist, on intake of palatable food in mice.

Research is all fully available @ http://www.cop.ufl.edu/category/faculty/medicinal-chemistry/

The Cebus apella or Capuchin monkeys is Bergeron main example of most of his research in liver and cancer research, there is no denying that he has been testing on these animals. Simply by looking this information up and the catalogue of bad history that Bergeron has induced on primates  it divers to show why he is hated by many animal rights activists.

references to this research are in the link http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu/site/accounts/information/Cebus_apella.html .

The controversial look in to the UF laboratories is quite sickening to say the least and by looking at the underground research laboratories that you can gain information on from any good search engine or request the freedom of information act then you will see the true extent of how our living animals that are taken from the wild are the treated by the professor above (1st) pic.

There have been many leaked photos of primates Capuchins that have been used their for the purpose of medical gain that are truly upsetting and horrifying, please view some of the photos below



These are the pictures leaked that show Bergeron’s secret that he didn’t want the world to see however obtained by (un-named) activists. These primates (Capuchin monkeys ) were held in his lab for many years and subjected to the most horrific experiments before being euthanized. We have to show these pictures to the public as it re-enforces our actions on why we fight for their freedom. Would you the innocent member of the public like to be confined to a laboratory for 17 years then subjected time and time again to assault with an array fo weapons and toxic substances. Beauty products, cancer and Botox medicines plus thousands more chemicals and medicines. You the consumer are buying in to this crap. When your body become immune to it or the product is no longer of any use as of it deteriorating then new drugs and chemicals have to be made that means more animals are used for your products.

This does not stop here though. Back in August 2011 the United States Army tested many chemical and toxic substances on Capuchin  primates to see what effects (NBC) Nuclear Biological Chemicals would show on the nervous system pf primates and rodents. (Primates are the most likely animal to use). The scenes in this footage in the link show exactly what effects and how cruelly treated they were. Military Experiments on Capuchin Monkeys in Cruel NBC Research 2011 August.

We have to speak up for the voiceless if not then who is. The saying is as it means “if not you, then who” Animal rights activists are not terrorists. There is a difference, should you wish to blow a car up set fire to a vivisector home then that is of your own responsibility. We condone such behavior. The ALF acts in secretive movements and investigates before “liberating” animals. There has been much controversy that some right-wing animal welfare groups claim that the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) deliberately set out to do such damage.

This however is not the case, most of this activity was back in the 80’s and very early 90’s any such actions taken like this now are by extreme animal rights activists that give the Animal Liberation Front a bad name.

You must be the change you want to see in this world.. Are we going to change it, or just sit back and allow these animal killers to carry on and absue our beloved animals?. Like I have said it is easier said then done when you have people like the named above. There has been many actions taken against researchers and labrotories across the world. They are not though going to fool no one by laying the bull*** on the table as one will always uncover them. The researcher below is just one of them.

How does this man sleep at night?

I am just going to refer to him as he is Dr O Leary, we do not wish to promote or encourage violence on our site or in any way promote it. The proof shall only be placed and just that. Dr O Leary has been said by some to take dogs from kill centres and then use them in his Frankenstein experimentations. Although we have not been able to find any solid proof on this as yet. When we do have the evidence we will certainly publish this.

I myself would feel a hell of a lot better if I knew that a dog or cat was “going” to be euthanized as of it not being found a home than to be put through a 5-9 year cycle of cardio vascular testing killing it then bringing it back to life again. I would not want “in my own words” for an any animal to be put through a life of stress, discomfort, and then death. If it was a human and I was that human I would kill myself before having this man test his Frankenstein,  unnecessary  and psychotic research on me.

His records are what we would call not juts a catalogue of abuse but a psychopath and sociopath in the making, when it comes to the abuse that he has self-inflicted on these animals. His records can be seen below and they do not make nice reading.


Donal S. O’Leary, Ph.D., is Professor and Director of Cardiovascular Research in the Department of Physiology. A graduate of Miami University (B.A.) and The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (Ph.D.), Dr. O’Leary is a cardiovascular physiologist interested in the integrative control of the cardiovascular system at rest and during stress.

Dr. O’Leary’s research is funded via the National Institute of Health, Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and is focused on understanding the neural and hormonal mechanisms of control of arterial blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac output, regional blood flow and sympathetic nerve activity during dynamic exercise. His recent findings include determining the relative roles of the arterial baroreflex and the muscle metaboreflex (reflex responses to ischemia of active skeletal muscle) in the control of the cardiovascular system in normal and pathophysiological states such as congestive heart failure. Dr. O’Leary is also currently investigating the role of purinergic mechanisms within the nucleus tractus solaritus in cardio-respiratory homeostasis, regional blood flow and peripheral sympathetic nerve activity. The goals of these studies are to elucidate further the relative roles of cardiovascular reflexes in the control of the cardiovascular system, their interactions, and their mechanisms of action

Looks like any average Dr or Professor as he is now. Delving deeper though shows how is biography is related to the animals from which he deliberately kills.

“Using an animal model, Dr. O’Leary’s research team will induce hypertension during exercise in an attempt to discover the cause and signal that over-drive the cardiovascular system, causing arterial constriction. Such a discovery could lead, he explained, to identifying patients who may be susceptible to cardiovascular events during exercise, future drug treatments for such patients and tailored exercise programs to allow these patients to exercise with minimal risk.”

“We have been very successful in investigating targeted drug delivery using dendrimers and nanoparticles in animals. The funding has helped us establish several animal models – such as a mouse model of asthma, rat model of pain, rabbit model of jugular vein clot and rabbit maternal chorioamnionitis,” she said. Funding for these pilot animal studies helped the PPRU establish a “close working relationship” with the Wayne State University Departments of Chemical Engineering, Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences, the School of Pharmacy and the Perinatology Research Branch.” His Staff member here that conducted this research was Dr Lieh lai. You can see here what animals were used.

In the linked document you can view much more animal research, it does not make nice reading. One research model that O Leary used was a Beagle that had its heart stopped then restarted many times over. Please view the link here http://home.med.wayne.edu/search.php?q=Donal+O%27leary . The tests that we have seen for ourselves after working on sites have been very horrific and that we will not publish. We are here to educate. One thing we will not do though is allow someones court order to walk over us like it is on an [un-named] activist that we keep private as of  that persons wishes.

The file here shows some of the public records that O’Leary has published on the dogs he used. It again does not make nice reading. This man is now facing charges/and/or investigations in to animal abuse. The law states that what he carried out was nothing “BUT” animal abuse. Should he not be punished for it then we’ll ensure that we publish every single record that we have since he enrolled as a student himself to show the world what they need to know.

Being a parent myself I do not find it hard to express my anger or utter disgust at this form of medical testing. It is deranged, and if he has taken dogs from rescue centres then we will ensure that is published in full for the world to see. Neo-natal and child medicine research along with cardiovascular and other experiments can be seen as a god send to mothers and fathers whose children need this research. As said I am myself a parent. However I will never allow my child to take medicines that have been tested on animals. There are many alternatives our there and some of these alternatives have been tried and tested. Many parents that have a faulty genetic make up, or suffer from psychiatric disorders must [think] before having children.

Other researchers that have been just as bad are the named below. All sadistic, from which they raged their own war on the animal rights extremists. California University like most American pro study universities all have animal testing laboratories.

Targeted by (A.R.M) Animal Rights Milita

Dr Quin

We will continue to fight until every cage is empty, to document on every case within the legal realms of what the law tells us to do so. We simply ask for just one consideration to these researcher to take on board. The more animals we see that are tortured below for your sadistic experiments the more the animal rights campaign will strive on. You may be able to take the voice from the voiceless with your scalpels, but you’ll never take it from us. Europe never backs down. Nor de we ever forget.

This poor little boy is dying, barely alive.

 Neurological experimentation

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