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Whats with the paranoia and lies?


Re: Complaint/Court Action

Dear Directive Editor

My name is Joseph Dimetri I am the founder/Chief Executive Officer of the International Animal Rescue Foundation a 501 C 3 Registered Non-Governmental/Profit Organisation that’s not in no way affiliated with the International Animal Rescue located in the Uxbridge, United Kingdom.

On the 5th December a reporter by the name of Mr Brendan Roane that resides in Pretoria, Free town South Africa whom works for you the Daily Star printed a slanderous and ridiculously non-factual article on the 14th December 2012.

The libellous article has now caused vast damage to our “Chip In” fundraiser not to mention taking up many hours of online administrators time in deleting and banning hateful commentary from those your amateur reporter has misinformed.

Mr Roane contacted me through our comment box on our domain that is registered in the United Kingdom to our host, of which he asked the following that I have printed below.


My name is Brendan Roane from the Star newspaper in Johannesburg, South

Africa. We have allegations here that a man named Joseph Dimitri is soliciting donations, claiming he is associated with Charlie Warren (a

South African animal rights activist).Warren has warned that he does not know this man, nor is he associated.

A search of Joseph Dimitri shows that he is “the founder” of IARF. Furthermore, we could not find your organisation registered in the UK or South Africa.


Would you like to comment on the allegations made by Warren or why we could not find your organisation?




Brendan Roane


The Star

Independent Newspapers

011 633-2271


On the very same day the 5th December 2012 at just past 11:09am I responded to your colleague the following transmission please read below.

05TH November 2012



RE: Comment Request,

Dear Mr Roane,

I am the founder and chief executive officer of the International Animal Rescuer Foundation a 501 c 3 registered “non-governmental organisation” that’s more than registered and founded in 2010 which is not related to “International Animal Rescue”. The organisation is not a “charity” it’s a non-governmental organisation that does not under governmental law need a “charity number” to engage in asking the public to help with funding to preserving botanical, mammal and non-mammal life.

The organisations name is located on the internet however our units that are based in thirty four nations are not named “IARF” they are surveillance and rescue units of which we conceal all information deliberately to avoid attacks from well-armed and dangerous poachers, hunters and other. Should that not be to your liking then were sorry “but that’s how we work and will continue to work”.

We do not know a Charlie Warren although we have sourced him within the last five hours within two South African Facebook page “groups” that seems to do more talking rather than working within the field, I am a member within those two groups and since going back on their data he has only become talkative with regards to the Rhinoceros within the last few months.

Neither I nor my team have ever made contact with Mr Warren, nor do we wish to make contact with a keyboard activist “excuse the pun but we spend our time on the ground preserving species instead of engaging in mindless chat that neither conserves our delicate environment to ecosphere to, marine life and botanical preservation.

However should Mr Warren wish to concoct compulsive and repulsive deceitful narcissistic lies then we would be more than happy to sue him and any false misleading reports made by any reporter for slander and defamation along with seeking all costs that shall be flooded back into our preservation conservation programme that’s one hundred per cent legitimate for aiding Anti-Poaching Units with equipment, resources, and pushing monetary gain into securing land plus educating more individuals to help fight the aggressor that’s slaughtering the precious yet sacred Rhinoceros and other species of animals for Asian counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

With regards to soliciting funds and or donations, we are not under any circumstances committing no such crime of which yet again “whoever Mr Charlie

Warren is” is spinning you a web of deceitful lies, slander and fairy tales. We would be more than happy to accept Mr Warrens email to prove to him that his allegations are in need of a brush up with the truth of which we keep “all evidence and proof” of our work for data history analysis and data collection should we have to go back to another rescue that’s in dire need of help.

We have as of the start of October 2012 now founded our second African “only” organisation cause named as F.A.W.S (Funding African Wildlife Survival) of which

we are currently waiting for the process of that “non-governmental organisation” to be registered that we will be without interference raising over $50,000 to then moving that to as close to the R1 million mark for African wildlife, education, and what we are really looking to is creating a small wildlife education and teaching unit within Pretoria, South Africa which your more than welcome to report on once we have the funds and builders in place.

F.A.W.S is for Africa that we in the European Union, Americas, and further afield are funding from our own pockets to secure Africa’s conservation. We have even donated ourselves to our mission F.A.W.S fund raiser including all administrative staff a total of over $300 (estimate) that one can donate to via our Chip In seen here http://benuezoofaws.chipin.com/benue-zoo-faws

<http://benuezoofaws.chipin.com/benue-zoo-faws>  and sign the petition here

http://www.change.org/petitions/trade-tourism-nigeria-benue-state-government-close-the-benue-state zoo?utm_campaign=friend_inviter_modal&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=13242898

http://www.change.org/petitions/trade-tourism-nigeria-benue-state-government-close-the-benue-state-zoo?utm_campaign=friend_inviter_modal&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=13242898 of which all funds go to the “domain registrar” account that is our Horticultural Administrator and team nation delegate located in the United Kingdom (Wales). Once the fund raiser is ceased on the 10th December 2012 then the funds shall stay in “situ” until we then transfer them to the South African or Nigerian rescues that have helped us to source for Benue the help the Benue inhabitants so badly need.

There has been no other account, fund raisers or Chip Ins created by ourselves or anyone else working with my organisation of which is strictly prohibited and should I know of any such breaking of rules and procedures then those persons shall be suspended with fill statement placed within the public domain. I trust each and every one of my team though that works professionally, proactively, with intelligence and integrity to maintain a strong balanced professional relationship with the public and other organisations to conserve animals from domestic too wild to marine or captivity.

Our first mission in regards to Funding African Wildlife Survival was that of Benue Zoo that is located in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 400 kilometres from Kano situated next to the Benue River that we have worked tirelessly on from the October 21st 2012 to gain as much monetary donations for wildlife rescue, and now conservation rehabilitation of these animals that have been deliberately neglected and starved that’s left Benue Zoo in the most horrendous dilapidated conditions ever imaginable thanks to the trade and tourism minister and of Benue and the Governor that wishes to not help us or the teams we and others organised to move into Benue on the 20th to the 23rd of November. Would you wish to see evidence on this?

Funding African Wildlife Survival is separate from that of the International Animal Rescue Foundation as we still do not under that name wish to under any circumstances take monetary donations however we shall promote mission F.A.W.S. and the chip in fund raiser that’s entirely for the animal’s welfare, rehabilitation, medication and re-homing plus temporary zoo husbandry until rescue is sought. You can read our mission statement here



(Please note we don’t just promote and make aware our work we promote and make aware every ones work that you can view here) –


We have so far amassed a total of almost $2,000 which shall be placed to the rescue teams from which we have sourced using limited communications. We again have all proof and evidence of our work with regards to Benue Zoo that shall be released on our newsletter site www.speakupforthevoiceless.org <http://www.speakupforthevoiceless.org&gt; in due course of which you’re more than welcome to scrutinise and/or ask questions to even interviewing myself to those that have been involved with the rescue from start to finish that are all respectable African organisations. So in regards to Mr Warrens comments I would advise him to stay tuned to that news site. We have more than a duty of respect like most European individuals/organisations to conserve our children’s heritage not to mention keeping animals moving from

extant to extinction out of “museum artefacts” but keeping them in the velds and grass lands from which they so rightfully deserve to live within their land undisturbed by poachers, to illegal hunting outfits, and the Asian counterfeit pharmaceutical trade. Funding African Wildlife Survival is not a business it is in fact our first

fundraiser that is needed to help our South African friends to conserve their environment, their future but most importantly their heritage of which we will not fail but bend over backwards to help as many organisations along with Anti-Poaching Units to purchase the much needed resources and equipment they desperately require. Mr Warren has neither dealings nor medalling’s with International Animal Rescue

Foundation or Funding African Wildlife Survival nor has he come to us to even question ourselves or raise concerns of which should he truly believe we are taking monetary donations by fraudulent deception then one can under the internet piracy fraud and SOPA act 2011-12 report us to the IC3 at http://www.ic3.gov

http://www.ic3.gov  or the United Kingdom’s Metropolitan E-crimes unit that will then investigate ourselves from which they will not locate or source no such proof of Mr Warrens absurd and ridiculous yet outrageous claims that are more than slanderous but tantamount to a fully blown libel court case against himself.

We have since 2010 worked effortlessly yet professionally without taking a single donation, however as quoted we feel now that Africa needs more than awareness and moral support, they need and require funding as of the governmental failings with regards to the Rhinoceros and Elephant poaching. We

like many other organisations to individuals of which you can view daily are set upon by a pack of human hyenas that wish to try and discredit our work, disrespect our objectives yet call themselves “animal rights activists” do you Mr Roane truly believe that this is the correct attitude for a “keyboard activist” to undertake?

“Attacking one’s work is in reality only attacking those that we are trying to save, that being our precious wildlife” We shall be informing our attorneys that shall seek for crimina injura along with a slander and libel case should “we find your report to be factual” and not that of an internet troll that’s trying to cause trouble bringing Mr Warrens name in to disrepute.

Should it be true though that Mr Warren has quoted this (from which I highly doubt he has) then we will sue and I do hope he has an extremely professional attorney as we keep all evidence and data to prove our work. I do not wish to have any more of my time consumed by fantasists most likely suffering from Stockholm syndrome or more Münchausen’s that wish to claim some credit for their own sordid agenda.

I have explained myself more than enough and apologise profusely if you yourself feel that we are concealing data or trying to mislead others. Our work is strictly confidential along with who works for us. That’s how we wish to work and that’s how we will continue to work as we do not under any circumstances wish for anyone of our staff to be attacked, harassed, victimised, intimidated or other by those we are trying to cease from destroying our quite unstable environment. We will from time to time reveal our work to rescues undertaken of which should we truly be deceitful then we wouldn’t advertise our work in such a wide public spectrum. We are not fraudulent nor have we committed any such crimes.

Mr Roane I thank you for your queries raised however I wish to waste no more of my time continuously going back and forth with regards to a handful of people trying to cause unrest just because a few internet trolls that have had their noses pushed out of joint by our vast organisation that wishes to conserve and preserve our delicate Flora and Fauna. These trouble makers will go to great lengths to try and score some type of “response from us” which we have neither the time nor the patience in dealing with.

Should you wish to view the a Pay Pal statement to prove that all monies are still within the Chip In then please do ask, and should you require evidence of the monies that we are going to hand over then please respond back to me and I shall place that evidence to you once our very first fund raiser is concluded.

Kind regards

CEO & Directive Team Managers

International Animal Rescue Foundation



Together we can stop abuse, together we can heal our environment


I personally sent to your reporter more than enough evidence of which he then set about to publically smear my organisations name and the extremely professional work that we all as professional conservationists, botanists, ecologists and veterinary officers undertake by placing the following article below even though I made it more than evidential that I have never known a Mr Warren nor have we had any formal or non-formal contact to communications with this man. From which we have now located here https://www.facebook.com/charlie.warren.50?fref=ts from which we now know whom is working with “in regards to smearing our good name” that being of Wild Cats World” that removes surplus animals from Africa, takes them to Europe then breeds them for hunting.

The link to the very poorly written and now utterly damaging article you can view here http://www.iol.co.za/the-star/beware-of-fake-animal-rights-charity-scam-1.1440945#.UM3VFGJLtIk of which he has tilted that “Beware of fake animal rights charity scam”.

Do you know how much damage that has now caused to our first fundraiser from which we are trying our utmost hardest to secure the inhabitants at Benue Zoological Gardens located 400km from Kano, Federal Republic of Nigeria? Its caused tremendous damage of which our administrative teams have had their time wasted dealing with your reporter’s copiously slanderous article.

Furthering on from this he has now placed the lives of the following in danger as many members of the public have been confused and lied to by your reporter and also a Mr Charlie Warren. Please view the animals that he’s placed in great danger below.

1 Chimpanzee

3 Tantalus monkeys

1 severely malnourished Lioness   (that we have saved from near death)

1 Mona Monkey

3 Forest Duikers

3 Critically endangered Tortoises

2 Ostriches

2 Crowned Crones

2 Peacocks

1 Endangered Dwarf Crocodilian

1 Nile Crocodilian

We was the first rescue to start working on Benue Zoological Gardens 21st October 2012 of which a Mr Apir asked for immediate help to sustain wildlife perseveration within the zoological gardens and provide to him a qualified zoologist and help with nourishment and professional zoo husbandry.

We bent over backwards for Mr Apir to help of which we have since sourced the correct teams being that of highly respected and professionally trained PAZZAB members along with the Kano Zoological director now communicating to the Benue State Governor to accept our funding offer to place temporarily a professionally trained zoologist into Benue Zoological Gardens until we seek new homes for all remaining species of life.

We have now lost over $100 a day in funding donations because of this fabricated and utterly ridiculous article that bear’s no proof to even the correct data. What it does contain is slander and personal attack along with attacking out organisation that we are now going to take imminent legal action.

Damaging and slanderous paragraphs below;

“Charlie Warren, an animal activist from a group called Tracking and Conservation, said a friend had warned him that there were messages online saying that a man was soliciting donations in Warren’s name. These requests were from someone called Joseph Dimetri, who said he was connected to Warren”.


No one within the organisation has ever known of a Mr Warren nor have I myself had any communications with this 66 year old male that works within a Facebook group named as OSCAP. We have never nor ever will “illegally obtain by defrauding others” donations. Our first and second Pay Pall chip in is more than evident and more than legal which mentions neither Mr Warren nor askes for his help.

“Several websites and online forums accuse Dimetri of using a fake animal rights charity to ask for donations. He apparently uses several pseudonyms including Jean Marie, Claude Roberto, James Williams, Jonas Alf, Claude Marcel, Claude Joseph Marcel and Jon Grotes”.


There has never been several domains accusing myself or my organisation of using a fake animal rights charity to ask for donations, and considering that we are NOT a charity, and have only asked for funding to sustain life in Benue Zoological Gardens then this accusation is more than absurd is tantamount to now killing the animals within Benue. The names listed he has only managed to obtain two correctly that being Jean Marie (Co- Founder) James Williams is in fact the SON of one of our administrative personnel. 

“A blog, created and written by a Jean Marie, said Dimetri is a co-founder of the International Animal Rescue Foundation (IARF). The blog states that the two started another animal rights group on Facebook before launching IARF”


We have had dealings with three nuisance callers and stalkers upon Facebook all of which are violent non-animal rights activists as they all consume meat and sit at their computer screens everyday key board fighting with others of which one is within a Canadian Prison the very man that we are in fact trying to now locate as he has been mimicking ourselves to cause unrest.  

We know of no such blog and Mr Marie has not nor ever will make such lurid and non-factual data up. We possess one educational group upon Social Media that contains 1,050 members along with a youth educational group, healthy eating awareness, botanical education, foie gras and circus trade that we are trying to cease within the European Union and America.

“The link for information is a Facebook page, which offers no information and the only contact detail are a link back to the IARF website”.


The link of which Mr Roane clearly cannot even explain takes you to the community page that offers you the chance via the email box to communicate with the administrative team as well as emailing ourselves direct. We are at no liberty to place personal contact telephone numbers upon our Facebook pages or names just to be harassed by trolls.

“However, an online search into the website’s domain details revealed that its IP address, which represents a device’s location, is in Karlsruhe, Germany. The search also said it was registered in October last year under the name Jon Summerfield”.


Mr Roane’s online search has showed up that of the host which is NOT registered within Germany.

The host is registered to the United Kingdom. He then furthers this by quoting “the search also said it was registered in October 2011 under Mr Summerfield”. The domain URL not the SITE was “up-dated” in October 2011 as required under statutory law of the domain holder and domain rules and regulations of the domain organiser. Every year to three years the domain “name” not the SITE has to be updated or paid for such as that of the site. The domain “supplier and the HOST” are two separate companies.

The domain registrar is in fact our United Kingdom’s horticultural advisor of which he is also now seeking legal “advice” along with myself seeking legal “action”.

“The IARF blog also uploads accusations of fraud made by others against the organisation, which are then denied”


The I.A.R.F doesn’t and never has upload accusations of fraud made by other’s which are then denied. This would be deemed as bringing the organisation into disrepute along with being highly un-professional to damaging our name.

The International Animal Rescue Foundation does though keep all historical data of its work that your “amateur reporter” has since attacked to even deliberately supporting the liar Mr Warren which is coincidentally friends with on Facebook.  One can clearly view Mr Warren as his friend which we find unprofessional to as well as very suspicious. https://www.facebook.com/brendan.roane.9?fref=ts

“An e-mail was sent to the IARF’s address, given on the site, but no response had been received by the time of going to print”.


An email response was sent back in great detail of which Mr Roane deliberately ignored dated the 5th December 2012. Your reporter then states no email was received in time before going to press, yet the article was published on Friday 14th that’s nine days to respond which in our eyes he has deliberately ignored our email defending ourselves from which he hasn’t placed any information of that email on his publication of lies.

I then on the Friday emailed Mr Roane informing him and Mr Warren as well as now informing Ms Munroe that we will be taking legal action. Coincidently after notifying himself of imminent legal action of which Mr Roane answered my emails today on the 16th December 2012.

I asked for the legal department details of your news site and that of the editor to, so in all due respects Mr Roane has deliberately slandered and ignored myself and the organisation that’s now caused gargantuan abuse to us and members of the community wanting to know what this slanderous and damaging article is about that bears nor proof, no truth, and no evidence at all of wrong doings however what the very poorly typed article has created is now a court case as you have allowed your reporter to attack us using the simple words BEWARE OF FAKE ANIMAL CHARITY SCAM.

That is under South African law also tantamount to another charge of Crimen injuria which is a crime under South African common law.

Mr Roane continuously states in further correspondences that we are a charity. We are not a charity we are a non-governmental/NPO organisation that does not solicit and never has solicited funds using a Mr Warren’s name a 60+ year old ex-war veteran .

The difference between the both can be seen below;

https://www.charitycommission.gov.uk/officeforms/OLARPortal.ofml NOTE (Charity this under United Kingdom law one has to take more than £5,000 a year to qualify as a charity) we have never taken such funding which we can prove with bank statements. What we have done from the start of October is create a much needed Chip In to raise funds for the Benue Zoo inhabitants that we ceased on the 10th December of which we raised a total of £1,013 just over $1,622 that is for the Kano team to move back in the Zoological gardens to preserve life. We have since of yesterday started another Chip In to now ask for funding of a much needed zoologist to now travel into Benue Zoological Gardens and stay en-site.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonprofit_organization NOTE (the difference between the two. Although we are a registered organisation we still do not under any circumstances “operate” to receive funds of which we choose to submit a “chip in” that can be created by any individual whether it is for their own moral gains, a simple fund raiser, or to raise funds for children to causes.

We have every right under law and our well within our rights to ask the kind member of the public for help to sustain life from which many other NPO’s to NGO’s or individual’s that use Pay Pall do every year.

We at International Animal Rescue Foundation are upset that Mr Roane has placed this article that will now be damaging our new “non-registered” organisation Mission F.A.WS (Funding African Wildlife Survival) which we aim to raise a total of R1 million for the preservation of the Rhinoceros, conservation preservation, education, to fund Anti-Poaching Units with equipment they so desperately need to even funding more Anti-Poaching personnel training that South Africa is in dire need of. You can view our mission statement here. – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.381168178629759.94589.199685603444685&type=3

We are trying to help your nation of which we don’t expect an amateur reporter to publish such slanderous and libellous remarks that’s now only going to make funding to Anti-Poaching Units and the Benue Zoological Gardens inhabitants lives a misery. We wish to thank you for allowing this attack from which should the post not be removed in due course then we shall contact the SAP’s and then further our legal action.

A reply to this email is desired thank you.

Best Wishes



Sincerely with kind regards


Joseph Claude Dimetri and Directive team of staff.


International Animal Rescue Foundation


Brendan Roane can be pictured below



Mr Roanes owns word’s (cocaine?) really 

(I was born into a family of gypsies who taught me the lute, hair-braiding and macroeconomic stabilization policies. At 12, I ran away to the circus which then ran away from me the next day. With no money, no family and no circus, I turned to modelling. I had thousands of photo shoots, runway events, cocaine parties with models and rose to the top of the business. It was a long week. A major investigative story about Steve Hoffmeyer’s love affair in the YOU magazine inspired me into the world of journalism. I only hope I can one day reach those heights.


On the 17th November Cee4life that’s been attacking our fundraiser for the rescue and rehabilitation of the Benue Zoological Animals published this “so called email transaction  that oddly Mr Apir that we have since ceased working with as Cee4life wish to in our eyes bribe him with monetary – please view below.

Compulsive LIES

Mr Nat Apir stated that he has never had any support, nor has been in contact with ourselves even though we made it more than evident in emails however at that time we had to alter the addresses for as the trolls attacking the fundraiser wouldn’t cease their hatred filled remarks.

Mr Apirs emails with full contact details can be viewed below

YET he states “so this email quotes with details obscured he has never had contact”

Please view one of many email’s then one can make their own assumptions up on whom is telling the truth as we have nothing to hide.

Dear Dr Dimetri

Thank you for your concern and interest about the condition of the animals
at the Makurdi Zoo.
I will revert to you tomorrow afternoon and possibly post some pictures to
you at the same time. The nearest airport is in Abuja about three  and half
hours drive to  Makurdi the Benue State capital where the zoo is located.
The immediate need now is that of feeding and getting the animals some form
of medical intervention.

I have been doing the much I can personally to feed them but, the challenge
of getting medical attention still remains. We need the services of a
Veterinary Doctor with specialization in wild life.

Thank you for your kind intervention.

Nat Apir

On Monday, October 22, 2012, jonas wrote:

> **
>  *Dr Joseph Dimetri*
>  *United Kingdom Head Office *
>  *Tel: +(0)**************E-mail
> info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk <javascript:_e({},
> ‘cvml’, ‘info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk’);> *
>  *www.international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk *
>  *www.speakupforthevoiceless.org *
>  *International Animal Rescue Foundation*
>    *Dear Sir,*
>   We have become aware of the crisis in which the animals are going
> through in the Nigerian Zoo – Benue. We are revolted at the conditions in
> which these animals are living in and we now must as an international
> animal rescue foundation agency act quickly and professionally to now save
> these animals and get them out of the Zoo and into loving reserves or other
> wild sanctuaries they need OR other forms of help to now make your appeal
> for help travel round the globe from which we have great media and press
> contacts with.
>   Please read below what we need first so we can now look into this and
> then start by helping you and these animals. We cover thirty two nations
> and have vast expertise in all fields of animal rescue. We will NOT FAIL
> you or THESE ANIMALS. They now MUST be saved.
>  * 1) we need photos of all the animals and the conditions they are
> living in*
>  * 2) anymore video footage that you can make please send this to us*
>  * 3) location of the nearest airport so that we can then speed up an
> evacuation of these animals*
>  * 4) any other animals that are in need of help within the area that you
> can think of *
>  * 5) names and contact details so that we can then deal with this
> quickly as of the number of contacts we have and power to to now place
> pressure on the government to help these animals*
>  * 6) any further information that you may have to help these animals*
>   You can find us on Facebook to or just on the web sites above, can you
> please e-mail me back as soon as possible so that we can now save these
> animals. Thank you sir. Below are some of our Facebook pages out of the 52
> we own that are all connected to our 501 C (3) Organisation.
>  https://www.facebook.com/IARFRhinoWelfareSA
>  *Dr J J Dimetri *
>  *CEO & Directive staff *
>  *info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk <javascript:_e({},
> ‘cvml’, ‘info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk’);> *

Furthering on from this we contacted before Mr Purfoy that coincidentally Ms Fox-croft and Ms Hoffman then friend-ed Mr Apir on the 12th November 2102 after we informed the public that the Fact Finding mission organised by the highly professional and trained zoo staff in Nigeria have now since secured the Zoological Gardens in Benue. Please view below further corresponding details.

Hi Christian,
I have beenin contact with Dr Joseph of the animal rescue foundation and
the outcomes have been very encouraging. Thanks for bringing the plight of
this animals to the attention of the international community.
I will keep you updated on all efforts and actions being taken to bring
succor to this animals.

On Monday, October 22, 2012, Christian Purefoy wrote:

> Dear Dr Joseph Dimetri,
> Thanks for your interest in BattaBox and our story on Benue Zoo.
> We have spoken to Nat Apir – who highlighted the problems at the zoo – and
> he has agreed that we can pass on his details. He can be reached on:
> +2348033218191
> natterwase@gmail.com <javascript:_e({}, ‘cvml’, ‘natterwase@gmail.com’);>
> Please let me know if any problems.
> Obviously, the animals take priority but we are very interested in
> promoting any follow-up done to help the Zoo and would be very grateful if
> you can keep me in the loop regards any help and rescue you can provide. We
> are a ‘video channel’ so any filming and video documentation that you might
> be put together would be much appreciated – again, just let me know if any
> problems/questions.
> Thanks,
> Christian
> —
> BattaBox.com
> From: Dr Joseph Dimetri <info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk<javascript:_e({}, ‘cvml’,
> ‘info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk’);>>
> Subject: Benue Zoo
> 21st October 2012 19:08
> Message Body:
> Good day, we are an International animal rescue agency of which we are now
> wanting to rescue all the remaining animals from the Benue state zoo that
> you published on your news feed We can ensure that they are given the love
> and the care that they need plus more. We have contacted two people so far
> in the state of Nigeria yet they have not contacted us back and time is
> running out for these animals. We need contact details for the zoo please
> so then we can visit and then contact the main ministry to ask for a
> rescue. Lions are already dead plus more.. Please can you reply with more
> information thank you
> WWW.INTERNATIONAL-ANIMALRESCUE-FOUNDATIIN.ORG.UK<http://www.international-animalrescue-foundatiin.org.uk/>

Best Wishes

Mr Apir then on the 24th October 2012 emailed to me on my request all 21 pictures of the Benue Zoo Inhabitants that showed catastrophic neglect and severe abuse. Mr Apir was still working with is along with myself phoning him daily of which I have still the recorded phone calls that we record for quality and training purposes, and for data checks if we have missed information that needs to be addressed. The following emails can be viewed below.

The lion is dead – 16/10/12 but the lioness is alive and getting better.

On Wednesday, October 24, 2012, jonas wrote:

> **
>  Dear Amir,
>  Hi I have just gone through the pictures, I am going to download them and
> then start contacting our other contacts as this is going to be a massive
> job to get this zoo back to how it should. Can you please tell me who owns
> this Zoo and why they are not providing the food, water, medicine, and
> other materials. These animals are in extreme need of help and this is what
> we are going to start of tonight. I understand that your internet is slow
> so what I will also do, is phone you as I and the rest of the team will
> need more information. The dead animals I would advise that they are moved
> away from the rest as this will start disease. We will now take over this
> and help you. Can you please confirm if it is ok to phone you. As I am
> going to need more information on this. Has anyone else been in contact
> with you about this too?.
>  Please try not to worry, do not stress we are an INTERNATIONAL rescue. We
> can place this on media to help to soon to push for more help. I
> shall also be in contact with London Zoo as you have endangered species in
> the Zoo that MUST be protected. Can you confirm if the Lion is still
> alive and what other cats you have as I did only see one male Lion.
>  United Nations Animal Rescue
>  www.international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk
>  info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk <javascript:_e({},
> ‘cvml’, ‘info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk’);>
>  www.speakupforthevoiceless.org
> On 24 October 2012 at 17:23 Nat Apir <natterwase@gmail.com<javascript:_e({}, ‘cvml’, ‘natterwase@gmail.com’);>>
> wrote:

We asked Mr Apir if any other group or organisations had been in touch with him with regards to the Zoo crisis si that we could work more rapidly to solve this problem. CEE4LIE founder quoted they had been working with Mr Apir on the 17th October 2012. I will just re-iterate what we repeatedly quote. WE KEEP ALL DATA for future analysis or to show to third parties to help within our rescues.

17th October CEE4LIFE quoted they worked with Mr Apir – Please view the following correspondence.

Dear Jonas,
You are free to call me anytime. No group or persons have reached me. The
lion is dead, but the lioness is still alive. The Hynas are all dead. Crocs
are dying. Jonas, what I need right now is immediate help to keep this
animals alive.

Please view the screen shot and please zoom in on the DATE, the sender and receiver.

proof that Cee4life never had contact on the 17th October

Please note that we have only blacked out the personal account details of this email of which would lead to our account being compromised. One can clearly view the date, sender and the receiver along with Mr Apirs email stating ” no group or persons have contacted me” Yet Cee4life stated they had been working with Nat Apir since the 17th October of which had they then these animals would of been saved.

We was then called liars that no fact finding mission ever moved in to Benue. The fact finding mission moved into Benue on our request and that of the South Africans that were mortified at the pictures that Mr Apir sent to us on the 24th October that we then highlighted on the 25th on our Facebook page and that of our site http://www.international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk

Please view the PROOF here – Please note we have only removed the secondary contact details as we don’t want these animals to come to any harm from trolls attacking one’s work to sustain life in Benue that we have succeed now thank to Kano.

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Kanozoological Garden <**********************>
To: ********************* <*******************>
Sent: Monday, 3 December 2012, 23:02
Subject: Re: Benue Zoo : FACT FINDING MISSION

Dear MR.Dimetri,
International Animal Rescue Foundation,

Thank you very much for your letter.In deed i led a team to Benue Zoo for a fact finding mission between 20th to 23rd November 2012 and my team was terribly upset and disturbed with what we saw and observed.Animals enclosures are poorly manage and not conducive for the inmates.Only some few animals which are not properly taken care of remains.
The devastation situation in the ZOO needs an urgent rescue and rehabilitation to save the  very few species left before the situation crumbles.For detailed information i refer you to our report for the visit which we submitted to Dr.************** ( PAAZAB ) on 30th November 2012.

Please keep in touch through out.

Kind regards,

Hon. Ado Isyaku Daddauda,
Managing Director

Please view the report that is apparently forged !




We was then accused of “soliciting funds and STEALING THEM being called the most horrendous of all names THIEVES. Mr Charlie Warren quoted that “we have been stealing funds and that we are not in possession of them – PLEASE VIEW THE EVIDENCE BELOW.

proof of statement 16-12-12


Please note again to protect our accounts from compromising then we have only blacked out the following. The final tally in USD before we ended the chip in on the 10th December 2012 00:00 was standing at exactly $1,622 that is exactly £999.39 UK Sterling. We then after placing a chip in on the main educational domain then added another £25.00 from which now see’s the total at exactly £1.013.77 so with regards to stealing and or facilitating funds to being bogus and defrauding then your clearly very gullible to believe a single word that trolls misinform you.

Have we proved ourselves to be non-scammers? yes we have but how much more do these animals have to be denied just because one wants only one thing and that is the Lioness that Wildcats world requires of which we received this email only a few days in regards to wildcats world.

Please read below – we did trace the newly registered msn email that led to that of a “identical like Facebook” site that showed the sender was in fact some type of friends with Barbette.

Good day Jonas

i was informed you are checking on worlwide orgs who work with lions and other wildlife? i was just looking at some footage at youtube from a sanctuary in holland called stichting Leeuw, and they have just bought a new lioncub from a circus with which they are going to do shows and they have 5 other lions they bought and also tigers but they want to breed with them and briing them to suspicious places in their own habitat so Russia India and Africa. these are rich people but they are askiing funds and donations from people but they don’t feed and treat the animals right. i suspect they are bringing these cats back to their countries to have them poached and sold to dealers for the bones and fur.

could you please check on this place and these people who are connected to them, that is Robert Kruijff, Pieter Kruijff, Peter Kruijff (owner), Karel Geurts (caretaker who also kills lots of animals that are surplus or not needed anymore, also cats), Henk Gerber, Brigitte Furnemont. it is a bad place i tried to get info out of them for some time but they are only lying and people who don’t agree with them are all forbidden to come and see the place. the board of this foundation is the boardman, a bookkeeper and a lawyer.

the website is www.stichtingleeuw.nl and www.landgoedhoenderdaell.nl it is on a piece of land called hoenderdaell. i know some dutch foundations who tried to keep an eye on them but they have been sent away too. what is worse is that they are so rich and still ask money from people. and that they are asking money for interaction with wolves and the lioncub. they have liaisions with circus as well in fact they say they have their animals from circus but they are a part of and support circus.

let me know what you can do cheers ciao! *******

This is why we are being attacked, we don’t support the captive keeping trade and when we highlighted our concerns that these “trolls” where only interested in the Lioness they soon changed their minds and are now interested in ALL the animals from which they have not succeded in gaining any form of help just sending $200 to a man that’s only shown a handful of fruit and a bag of meat.

We have had our pictures stolen, some of work down to even more concerning OUR OWN WORDS.

Your choice to make up on whom is lying quite frankly we have proven ourselves here to a degree and that we will keep on doing in the most professional manner and not on some tacky blog. Please help us in securing Benue a zoologist by funding our chip in with what ever funds you can. Our fund raiser has been damaged enough by these repulsive trolling children.

The only living beings that are being harmed here is not us IT’S THE ANIMALS! and you Cee4life, Mr Warren, and whoever else should be ashamed of yourselves for spinning such lies when you knew damn well that you pushed us long enough we would eventually start to release more proof and more truth.

You call yourselves animal lovers yet you have done not one thing to preserve this zoo. We have been on this case since the 21st phoning all international rescue’s, working on this case day and night. You want to know the best news

WE SUCCEED AND THAT WE WILL CONTINUE   – Attack the animals and the funds going to them, it just shows to the WORLD what liars and animal abusers you are.

We will continue to update this if we feel we have to defend ourselves and trust you me Ms Foxcroft we have reams of EVIDENCE which can be backed up. Your notes to the news article is only attacking that of the animals and that we will sue anyone that succeeds in murdering them through lying and stealing our work to confusing the members of the public.

ONE LAST THING – Just to prove to you that we have secured the Zoo please read below. With of course screen shot and evidence. I suppose though that were still lying, have not done a single thing for Benue, have stolen funds and are non-registered. Pictures mean a million words BUT EVIDENTIAL EMAILS AND WORDS MEAN POWER AND SUCCESS

Dear J Dmetri,

Screen shot to PROVE this email which is quite childish really that we are being forced to show to those that you have lied to is below.

proof of Kano help

We have succeeded and we will not tolerate compulsive, repulsive and narcissistic lies slurred by fantasists and childish reporters that cannot even get their factual evidence CORRECT.

Information that us blacked out in the email above is to simply protect our contacts from harm and spam from the those that are stirring the cauldron of hatred.

Sorry for the delay in answering your correspondence,this happened because i was away for a retreat which took a couple of days.I write to assure that,kano zoological garden being the prime zoo and the only zoo registered with PAAZAB in Nigeria is willing to assist in rehabilitating Benue ZOO to bring it to appreciable standard if given the necessary material resources with the full cooperation of PAAZAB. A competent person with experience in zoo management can be sourced to take care of the place for a while and we will keep on monitoring.

Mean while we are trying from this end to persuade Benue state Goverment through the ministry concern to accept your offer of assistance in conserving the animals that remains.

Kind regards,

Hon.Ado Isyaku Daddauda,
Managing Director

Just to make ourselves clear to we don’t support those that facilitate funds that used violence against school graduates we are conservationists and not terrorists despite and regardless of what any other trolls wish to communicate. Continue to attack us and we shall defend ourselves



Need we say more.


Hi Jonas

Although I cannot answer any of your specific questions, I must point out that registering as a NPO in South Africa is relatively easy and is in no way a measure of credibility, nor is calling oneself a ‘sanctuary’.

WCW’s literature is a bit misleading. To the best of my knowledge they have partnered with a South African predator breeder who engages in captive breeding and human / animal interaction. WCW also seem to contradict themselves repeatedly. On the one hand they oppose animal exploitation, whilst their SA partner engages in cheetah walks and captive breeding! They also seem to be very poorly informed or misguided and on their Facebook page openly support a lion walking operation with probable links to the canned hunting industry.

Claims that their operations are somehow linked to conservation and saving species from extinction are disingenuous and border on dishonest.

Purchasing two lion cubs from a lion breeder can in now way be considered a rescue. What they have actually done is ask animal lovers to fund the purchase and enrich the very type of operation they claim to be opposed to! Putting money in a lion breeders pocket and then claiming a rescue is not only misguided, it also makes them part of the captive lion breeding trade, which is inexplicably linked to the canned hunting industry.

Much of their Facebook content is copied from other sources and the impression given that they are somehow spearheading or are involved in specific issues, some of it is even plagiarized from our website, I find it somewhat distasteful and a gross misrepresentation and would suggest they spend less time trolling the internet for material to give them credibility and more time doing research on the real issues relating to the captive breeding industry.

I can in now way endorse or support WCW or their affiliates.


Paul Hart
Tel/Fax: 27 21 8633290

Join us on Facebook

Saving one animal may not change the world, but surely for that one animal the world will change forever!

The information in this e-mail is confidential and it is the expectation of the sender that the intended recipient does not forward said e-mail to others or publish said e-mail in any format whatsoever.

If you have received it in error please contact the sender immediately by returning the e-mail or by telephoning the number contained in the body of the e-mail and please delete the e-mail and do not disclose any of its contents to anyone.

—– Original Message —–
From: jonas
To: info@lionrescue.org.za
Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2012 5:43 AM
Subject: Wild Cats World (Lion Cubs Rescue)

From International Animal Resccue Foundation

04:19am 16 August 2012


Dear Sir/madame

We are working on a complaint that we have been sent regarding a “Wild Cats World” that is claiming to be a game reserve in South Africa 1 mile from the air-port of Port Elizabeth.

Can you confirm if this is a “real 501 3 (c) Organisation” or if you have ever heard of these people. The owners are of Dutch descent however they are are claiming to be a 501 C 3 NGO that can not even provide a valid tax number only a KvK number as they state they do not need a tax code. They are though taking donations and also have a shop as they claim. they have also stated that they have rescued two lion cubs.

The problems we are having like many that are now questioning there validity is this,

1.. they can not provide a tax code number
2.. they have no registration details as in address (they just want to arrange a meeting at “a location”)
3.. they are a 501 c 3 NPO that are taking funds yet WILL NOT provide no tax code nor reciepts
4.. there website address has NO registar details “although it is a (sub-domain) if there taking moneies then they must by EU law provide a registered address.
5.. they have said they have rescued 2 Lion cubs YET will not provide proof nor pictures of any such resuce

WE ARE VERY CONCERNED THAT THIS IS A FRAUDULANT OPERATION ACTIVE IN SOUTH AFRICA – we now ask for your help. Their address is here of their Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Wild-Cats-World/122586544451718 this is their website http://www.wildcatsworld.nl
http://www.wildcatsmagazine.nl they state that this is their KvK number yet we nor anyone can find them KvK registration # 50983962

We and others are VERY concerned and now require your help we was passed your address by a https://www.facebook.com/#!/ornella.d.rose.3 who replied to our message that is below –

International Animal Rescue Foundation World Action South Africa
6 hours ago
Has anyone ever heard of a Wild Cats World  – at this address here  You can visit our “Spotted Conservation Project” in South Africa to meet our leopards and other wild cats, and to see and learn more about our projects. We are situated in Eastern Cape, near Port Elizabeth (one hour drive from airport) and Addo National Park, 40km from Uitenhage, R75 to Kirkwood, Steenbokvlakte. If so please get back to me, they have a website blah blah but we are concerned about the welfare of 2 lions. Please e-mail us if you know this rescue or you know of the cats that have been rescued there. We would like to see them. They are 2 wild lion cubs

If you or anyone has information or could find more out about these cubs whilst we wait to see if they are a legit organisation then we would be most grateful.

Kind regards

Admin Investigation Unit


Ms Foxcrofts normal behaviors are rather bizarre to say the least, not only is she a keyboard activist but a keyboard terrorist to caught up in a fantasy tale of fake dramas and head spun Munchhausen compulsive lies. (Typical though from an unprofessional critic) that likes to gain 5 mins of fame that, or as she has done reveal herself online.

How does a professional work though (as she calls herself) well that’s exactly what we where thinking when we caught her siding with a terrorist that had been booted out of the United Kingdom of which is also now “in fear of ones life” with regards to NIO an online intimidation group of babies.

She states many things like –

Mel Ahrairah What an unbelievably sad day for ALL animals… (let alone the AR movement). A more appropriate time to use the old adage ”divide and conquer’ there never was. I cannot believe that anyone would think this is the place to air these comments.
48 minutes ago · Like · 2

Camille Marino ‎Tino — i HATE this. but while steve is using facebook sycophants to malign me, i need to defend myself. as soon as “dr.” steve best apologizes for this unconscionable treachery and sets the record straight, i will re-focus my energies on the abusers. for now, ANYONE who is trying to take me down is on notice…. the gloves are off.
48 minutes ago · Like

Sybelle Foxcroft Camille, I believe legal action is now being taken against you regarding all these accusations. I havent seen any FB or public slurs by Steve anywhere. What is this achieving? Please concentrate and your upcoming case, and stop this vulgar display. I am asking all of my conservation and animal friends to not involve themselves in this. There is one thing that I have learnt from years of fighting for animals, and that is that humans are the most dangerous creatures. This behaviour right now from you, is worse than any creature in the animal kingdom would ever do. Please stop this, please stop, it is spreading negatively about you everywhere. I dont care if you or steve fucked 50000 people or hang naked upside down in a bar… just stop it. It looks like shit, and it is damaging animal causes everywhere….. Please stop this.
46 minutes ago · Like · 7

Tino Verducci Camille, you are wrong in this; you know Steve better than anyone else so; deal privately. Both of you are not children, there are many people that asking you (both) to do that, we cannot be all stupid? Please do for all the animals!
43 minutes ago · Like · 7

Camille Marino listen, sybelle, steve told me you’re too “old and fat” for him. he likes 8-yr old girls. pls, don’t make me laugh. no one in the world knows him better than me and i have the emails and pictures to prove it — although most are with the FDLE at the moment. haha It amazes me that this movement is beholden to a fucking sexist trogolydite,but no matter…. i will be judged by my actions… and, if you really care about justice and ending this, Sybelle, then i have a statement that he needs to issue. as far as his legal actions, ask him to contact his comrade J. David Jentsch and maybe they can work together
36 minutes ago · Like


Why would anyone that call’s themselves a wildlife Biologist “caring for animals” be involved with two “terrorists” one in prison  and on that was kicked out of the United Kingdom both for Terror charges. Neither of which can spell or use basic grammar.


We are going to be updating this post and we will most certainly show Ms Foxcroft what LIES are, (her own lies) that she believes she can delete online.



Thank you for your reply, should it merit a response we will respond in due course. This site is owned by International Animal Rescue Foundation and moderation is used.

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