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Environmentalism 2013-2050 - Change or Suffer - Whats your new future resolution?


Environmentalism is a subject that today’s human must  now start taking seriously with regards to climate change, over population, habitual destruction, pollution, deforestation, and veganism and vegetarianism, natural resource depletion, and habitat fragmentation.

Humans are not protecting Mother Nature enough within our society to date and although one can argue “I’m a vegan or I’m a vegetarian” so therefore I am saving the (world) that is complete and utter nonsense unless you’re also going to adopt the same methods as those that are trying to prevent man-made and natural environmental disasters.

Adopting a healthy vegan and vegetarian diet is roughly contributing to environmentalism by 0.001% unless you are prepared to cease the following main fundamental environmental destructive points listed below and take into account the alternatives as well as then consuming a healthy vegetarian and vegan diet.

Taking these methods on board would then increase one’s global welfare thus reducing your carbon output which in turn then adds up to reducing the damage we have contributed to global warming which unfortunately is now “climate change”.

What does one do to now cease climate change? Well you cannot cease climate change as the damage and destruction was clearly highlighted and done in the middle of the last century and increasing profusely in the 1980’s.

Climate change then increased dramatically rising air temperate, sea and river water levels to destructive weather patterns.  So in reality it’s not what we do to cease this change it’s now adapting the change and slowing this destruction down.

The points listed below are just some of which you can adopt along with a healthy vegan and vegetarian life style of which your then contributing the earth and future generations vastly, through lowering hospital admissions, lowering the usage of synthetic medicines that are researched on animals, reducing cattle agricultural pollution, and more.

  • Reducing fossil fuel usage such as, natural gas, coal, and oil.
  • Reducing Carbon output by almost 80% or more such as automobiles, and heavy good’s vehicles.
  • Recycling all waste including biodegradable waste.
  • Reusing as much as possible such as plastic and paper carrier bags, bottles, containers, to clothes, bath water, school books and factory restored electrical equipment and more.
  • Reducing our waste output, water output, chemical and electrical usage, paper, and wood.
  • Adopting the use of more public transport, thus reducing carbon by even more.
  • Using renewal energy.
  • Reducing birth rates thus reducing over population.
  • Purchasing “used” homes that have been fitted with renewable energy resources, (we don’t need to keep re-building if we reduce our birth rates and under age pregnancies)
  • Adopting Eco cars that are powered on natural fuels such as “used” vegetable, and sun flower oil, to rape seed oil and now algae that’s still within the experimental stages but removes the usage of massive agricultural lands being used, loss of soil erosion, and reduced agricultural emissions from tractors, combine harvesters, and other machinery.
  • Reduced home heat loss by 85% through insulating our homes.
  • Learning to “ Eco drive” for example using the accelerator smoothly and progressively. Always avoid harsh acceleration. When you can, stop pressing down on the accelerator and let the momentum of the car take you forward. Travelling down a hill with your foot off the accelerator can save a considerable amount of fuel. Roof racks, bike carriers and roof boxes will affect your car’s aerodynamics and reduce fuel efficiency. If you have to use them make sure you remove them when not in use. Driving with the windows or sunroof open will also decrease your car’s aerodynamics.
  • Reducing vehicle usage for example, if you live one or two miles from your place of work, or your children’s school is only one mile away then (WALK) your contributing to noise and air pollution which has a considerable effect on our botanical life to even increasing respiratory diseases of those that suffer from acute Asthma, Bronchopneumonia, Bronchitis and other lung infectious diseases to breathing problems within our younger and older generations.
  • Ensuring that we use Eco friendly electrical equipment to its true potential for example a family sized refrigeration units needs to be kept full thus reducing more electrical usage that’s only freezing the air within and not empty space.
  • Turing our electrical equipment of at night and not leaving it on standby, example a television, cooker, to the top of the range games consoles that now use massive quantities of power, they also “whilst on standby” are still using the same power plus more because it’s simply turned on in sleep mode generating “stored energy for next usage”.
  • Rain water can be re-used to even sterilised to be used in cooking, watering the garden, to drinking or taking a shower, does that sound unhealthy and dirty to you? come back in 2100 and say that it’s dirty or view what our tribal elders do when they bathe you will be shocked at how non-dirty rain water is if you sterilize it.
  • Cease the bath, and use the shower FACT - If your home was built before 1992, chances are your shower heads put out about five gallons of water per minute (gpm). Multiply this by the number of minutes you’re in the shower, and the water adds up fast. An average bath requires 30-50 gallons of water. The average shower of four minutes with an old shower head uses 20 gallons of water. With a low-flow shower head, only 10 gallons of water is used. Your PAYING HOW MUCH?
  • Do we need to live in concrete homes? We can now actually live in completely environmentally friendly homes that are fitted with wind mills, solar panels, made from recycled materials, etc. Although this is an “extreme solution  why are many people still ignoring this GREEN fact (please view the picture below) even top footballers are living in them
  • Holiday locally and not abroad, of course one may wish to take the family car but did you know four people sharing a car would collectively be responsible for emitting only 104 kilograms of CO2, while the same four people taking up four seats on a plane would generate some 736 kilograms of carbon dioxide. FACT - Flying from San Francisco to Boston, for example, would generate some 1,300 kilograms of greenhouse gases per passenger each way, while driving would account for only 930 kilograms per vehicle. So, again, sharing the drive with one or more people would lower each individual’s carbon footprint from the experience accordingly. (please don’t hitch hike, its dangerous and can lead to your life being placed in danger)
  • Purchase offsets which you can purchase here - http://environment.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=environment&cdn=newsissues&tm=274&f=20&su=p284.13.342.ip_p504.6.342.ip_&tt=2&bt=1&bts=1&zu=http%3A//www.terrapass.com/  Consider purchasing carbon offsets to balance out the emissions you are generating with cash for renewable energy development. TerraPass, among others, makes it easy to calculate your carbon footprint based on how much you drive and fly (as well as home energy consumption), and then will sell you offsets accordingly. (Monies generated through carbon offsets fund alternative energy and other projects, such as wind farms, that will ultimately take a bite out of or eliminate greenhouse-gas emissions). :O) (smiley face, you got to love that one at least)
  • Sustainable living from growing one’s own fruit and vegetables, nuts, seed’s, herbs to even tropical vegetables that can be germinated in a simple 8×12 glass house with fitted with ventilation, and green house heating and hot water tubing via the use of solar panels.
  • Ceasing all palm oil including sustainable palm oil products that is found in 80-90% of all domestic and non-domestic products which would reduce deforestation greatly, illegal logging, river and sea bed pollution, and masses of carbon being released in to the environment from peat bed swamps that store all carbon output thus reducing massive plums of pollution released into the air. Stopping palm oil usage also reduces forest fires that are set to make way for palm oil plantations you’re also lowering inner city smog levels, and helping to preserve the natural fauna and flora such as the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger, Pygmy Elephant and Orang-utans. By cutting our palm oil intake we are also helping to conserve the green forest land and our natural medicines that are located deep within the heart of Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Peru and the Americas. Cutting palm oil will also close down these colossal environmental abusive factories that are the size of 1000 soccer pitches.


Please read what this family created -  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/greenerliving/9032738/Build-eco-friendly-homes-and-save-money.html (there is no such word as cant in our eyes) The picture above is not linked to the link within. The picture above shows a typical ecological, environmentally safe home

Palm oil is not listed on my grocery shopping ingredients, how do I know if it contains palm oil?

Correct not all continents have yet adopted the rules which is confusing many people and concerning environmentalists, climatologists, scientists, vegans and vegetarians  So we have listed the chemicals below that can be sourced in candy, crisps, cereal’s, to soap’s, shampoos, cooking oils to even tobacco.

Should you purchase any produce and wish to know if it contains palm oil then it will be listed in the ingredients panel as shown below. Please note these are just “some” and not all as palm oil is also mixed with many other ingredients from flavourings to preservatives and even car fuel.

Ingredients/chemicals that contain palm oil

Sodium Laureth Sulphate (can also be from coconut) Sodium Lauryl Sulphates (can also be from ricinus oil), Sodium dodecyl Sulphate (SDS or NaDS), Palmate, Palm Oil Kernel or Kernal, Palmitate Elaeis Guineensis, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearic Acid, Steareth -2, Steareth -20, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (coconut and/or palm), Hydrated palm glycerides, Sodium isostearoyl lactylaye, Cetyl palmitate (and anything with palmitate at the end)

Products containing palm oil. Palm Oil plantations are responsible for massive deforestation in Indonesia.

These products are just some that contain (green) palm oil - There is no such thing as sustainable green palm oil (Green palm oil is just the same as non-green) - companies are just a little more (regulated) which means nothing it’s a sustainable LIE! RSPO need’s to now fine these companies that are breaking rules every day. Asia Pulp and Paper are one the largest offenders along with PT-KAL  - Indonesia 

Veganism and vegetarianism is not saving the world it’s just merely contributing to a healthy life style, reduced animal slaughter and abuse rate. Unless one adopts the above then we are all going to eventually see more destructive weather patterns like the floods of this year 2012 August to December, Typhoons, Hurricanes, landslides, soil erosion, repository borne infections from air pollution’s plus increased breathing problems.

Although this all well said and “written” it is actually harder to adopt these changes in an instance however there are many fundamental changes that can be changed almost instantly within the points listed, its more a case of have YOU got the willpower or are you PREPARED to see your children’s future and theirs a living misery?.

Weather patterns across this year for 2012 from the months of August to December and now as predicted from December 2012 to May 2013 have increased aggressively which is no thanks to everyone’s living life style whether it be vegan, vegetarian, or carnivore and the principals of how we live.

Over population, increased birth rates non-expected pregnancies, to habitual fragmentation, housing construction, deforestation and illegal logging, sea grass destruction, increased pollution rates, excessive vehicle usage to still not recycling in accordance with environmental laws of first world nations that are contributing to gargantuan overloads of carbon.

Carbon pollution is more evident within our botanical world today 2012 than it was fifty years ago within the 19th century, with browning and discoloration of leaves and stems in urban and now more rural districts, die back of sub shrubs and entire vegetable and cereal crops due to acidic rain pollution, soil erosion, flooding, to dust storms and intense summer heat climatological patterns to winter plants from the Narcissi, Anemones, Hellebore’s  Forsythia, Snow Drop, to Verbena sprouting to flowering prematurely thus being killed off by any severe winter storms.


Dust storm - 2012 July - many more of these will be seen caused by over farming, drought, soil erosion, and weather fluctuations becoming more violent as predicted for 2050 - Phoenix, USA -

“July 24, 2012 – PHOENIX — A dust storm, or haboob, enveloped the greater Phoenix area in a cloud of yellow-gray blowing dust on Saturday night. The dust storms are becoming more frequent. For the second time since Saturday, a dust storm muscled its way into the Valley, just in time for the afternoon commute. National Weather Service meteorologist Charlotte Dewey said the storm was moving northwest and was first spotted between Eloy and Tucson. The dust storm covered cities in the metropolitan Phoenix area such as Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Apache Junction, Santan Valley, Chandler, Casa Grande and downtown Phoenix. There were no official estimates of its size, but Dewey says spotters estimated it was around 2,000 feet tall. She says there were also reports of 35 mph wind gusts in the area, and a report of a 50 mph gust at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Above are photos of the event from The Associated Press and our iWitness Weather contributors. –KPHO“

It would be an advantage if one thousand people worldwide that read this within the winter went into their gardens and parks and documented on any plants that are growing prematurely so that we and other conservationists and botanists can gauge and assess how much more damage has been done to our sensitive horticultural world and climate to estimating climatological advances and temperature changes within the next fifty years to river level rise so that flood defenses  barriers and better home construction to the correct education can be relayed to our younger generation thus helping our environment more as well as aiding environmental scientists and more.


Air pollution is one massive threat that still is not really recognised by international “governmental researchers” of which provide fundamental evidence for others to look into that’s  rarely conveyed to the general public to the public not even noticing which if it did would increase alertness and awareness. to advanced weather warnings thus reducing casualties, land and home damage.

As the years passed, air pollution has got worse, and yet it was still not widely recognized as a threat to human health. Although there were some scientists and health professionals who recognized air pollution as a public health problem, most of the early control efforts were targeted at the aesthetic or welfare effects of air pollution. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, many smoke control ordinances were enacted in England and the United States. These laws were some of the first uniform statutes enacted for the control of air pollution. Our modern air pollution control program can be said to have evolved from these early ordinances.

The delay in recognizing air pollution as a health risk was partly a result of the nature of air pollution. Air pollution is usually not recognizable as is water pollution; therefore, it can be ignored as a health threat until the problem reaches crisis proportions. Air pollution episodes from the build-up of pollutants in the air influenced the development of air pollution programs in the United States.

March 2012 an international meeting of 154 nations took place regarding pollution levels of which scientists, climatologists, meteorologists and environmentalists explained in great detail by 2050 our planets sea level and environmental destruction is going to increase rapidly that has alarmed us and many other doctors and scientists.

More marine and fresh water fish are going to suffer and die along with waters contaminated as of large nuclear power plants still discharging masses of used hot water back into the river’s and seas, however the main concern highlighted is that of warmer summers and sea levels which regrettably the power plants are not going to able to discharge as much if any waters meaning our “air environment” will suffer greatly as the power plants will have to cool this used “nuclear water” within via other cooling processes of which is what one view’s the “clouds of steam” when travelling past these large chemical industrious chimney cooling plants, thus leading to more environmental  warming. We are all to blame as we are using excessive amounts of electric and still not using the power given to us accordingly.

A warmer but more turbulent climate has been predicted that’s going to decrease our distribution networks along with warmer summers decreasing our efficiency with stormier weathers causing by far more destruction to our domestic and commercial properties.


Were all ready for the increase ? it’s happening already, problem is the arrogant push it to one side. 

The EDF report then went on to quote “more customers have been using air conditioning units thus seeing more demand for electricity in the summer which in turn again increases climate destruction” The report then went on to quote “more electricity is being used in the summer via cooling, refrigeration units, showers, and air conditioning units which has NOW reversed the historical trend” that has worried ourselves International Animal Rescue Foundations Climate Research greatly and now needs to be addressed drastically.

The predictions for future energy demands and supply make for bleak reading: the world’s energy demands in 2050 are expected to increase by a further 80 per cent, and the OECD believes that 85 per cent of this energy will still be reliant on fossil fuel based energy. Renewables are forecasted to make up just 10 per cent and nuclear the remaining 5 per cent. All this could lead to a 50 per cent increase in greenhouse gas emissions and worsening air pollution, especially in built up urban areas.


Urban air pollution will become the top environmental cause of mortality worldwide by 2050, ahead of dirt water and lack of sanitation, the OECD said. The number of premature deaths from exposure to particulate air pollutants leading to respiratory failure could double from current levels to 3.6 million every year globally.

Worryingly, the global average temperature will exceed the internationally agreed warning limit. The OECD report stated that temperatures by 2100 will rise by 3 to 6 degrees Celsius, the globally agreed limit is 2 degrees Celsius. This will be due to the continued reliance on fossil fuels, which will cause carbon dioxide emissions from energy use to grow by 70 per cent.


On land, the OECD forecasts global biodiversity to decline by a further 10 per cent, with significant losses in Asia, Europe and Southern Africa. Areas of mature forests are projected to shrink by 13 per cent. About one-third of biodiversity in rivers and lakes worldwide has already been lost, and further losses are projected to 2050. Yet despite this, the report adds that global water demand will increase by some 55 per cent, due to growing demand from manufacturing, thermal power plants and rising domestic use.

These projections highlight the urgent need for new thinking, says OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría.

“We have already witnessed the collapse of some fisheries due to overfishing, with significant impacts on coastal communities, and severe water shortages are a looming threat to agriculture,” said Gurría.

“These enormous environmental challenges cannot be addressed in isolation. They must be managed in the context of other global challenges, such as food and energy security, and poverty alleviation.”

To avert the grim future painted by the Environmental Outlook to 2050, the report recommends a cocktail of policy solutions; including using environmental taxes and emissions trading schemes to make pollution more costly than greener alternatives; valuing and pricing natural assets and ecosystem services like clean air, water and biodiversity for their true worth; removing environmentally harmful subsidies to fossil fuels or wasteful irrigation schemes; and encouraging green innovation by making polluting production and consumption modes more expensive while providing public support for basic R&D.

International Animal Rescue Foundations staff and board of directors are all vegetarians and vegans, although it’s seen as positive to outline the importance and advantages of a healthy vegan and vegetarian diet it must be seen within our mission statement to that environmentalism and climatology is top and main priority over everything with healthy eating seen as the not so top importance of to do lists.


We either change now and take notice of the drastic effects that we are causing to the environment that includes “everyone” or we just give up. Vegan and vegetarianism doesn’t save the planet FACT, nor does it make it a much better place for us all to live in. YOU save this planet by not just adopting a “healthy eating programme” but “addressing the main fundamental environmental points around us”

Calculate your carbon footprint here http://environment.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=environment&cdn=newsissues&tm=274&f=20&su=p284.13.342.ip_p504.6.342.ip_&tt=2&bt=1&bts=1&zu=http%3A//www.terrapass.com/


Ignorance will only see our children suffer more - You are that ignorant individual if you carry on abusing the environment



Solar storms and how they effect the earths weather system - heliophysics

Written by Dr J C Dimetri V.M.D, B.E.S, Ma, PhD , MEnvSc


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