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Domestic Violence - Cop on Dog Shootings - Extreme.

You’ve just arrived back from a beautiful crisp spring day walk in your local park with two of your canine family members in tow, happy and cheerful you then set about your daily routine tasks as your furry family wait by the gate in your garden.

You decide to quickly take a minute to get some water for the pooches only to arrive back to find a police officer standing at your door. The officer is then greeted by the family canines running up the garden path from the opposite gate happy as Larry, tails wagging. BANG! Your two beloved canines have just had four rounds pumped into both of them, killing them instantly.

The officer has just murdered your dogs for no reason at all, simply because they ran at him, with no aggression showed, no teeth showing, tails “wagging” filled with bundles of joy.

The officer explains he shot them as they ran at him in an aggressive manner from which he feared his life. He then walks away as you’re left to pick up the pieces. An investigation or complaint is launched which turns completely fruitless, your life has just been turned upside down, your companions that you brought up or rescued as pup’s, the bundles of furry joy have been violated and shot dead. Murdered by COP’S suffering from cop on dog syndrome better known as [Breed Specific Legislation]. Discrimination.

What has just been explained to you, is an edited extract from an emotional woman that pleaded with us International Animal Rescue Foundation back in 2012 December to help her get justice for the crimes committed against her dogs.

Name’s will not be given and nor will the incident be described further as she fears retaliation from the police unit or a possible threat from law enforcement officers within an American state for speaking up about the incident.

It almost seems unreal and totally blurred to not even factual to say the least, however it’s more than real and regrettably many canines located within the United Sates of America are being treated in this way if not even worse by law enforcement officers supposedly there to help you and keep the peace. Hell bent though on causing uprising by shooting dead your furry friends that simply barked or just ran up to the officer to greet him/her.

April 2013 saw 210 innocent canines shot dead by American law enforcement officers of which not one of them dogs even showed a threat to the officer, hadn’t bitten or aggressively attacked another human thus giving the officer no reason to shoot, so why shoot them for? This is what many United States citizens clutched with emotion and fear of reprisals to even scared witless into rescuing or purchasing another dog want to know. The debates are growing, people are angry and answers are wanted sooner rather than later with disciplinary proceedings brought against the real aggressor the United States Police Force.

One such case in Colorado back in 2012, involving a canine named Chloe sparked fierce criticism and copious anger over the spate of countrywide dog killing’s by cops.

The case of Chloe was recorded via a “very concerned” neighbour of which the dog showed no threat to the “acting dog warden” that should have been taking care of the dog, rescuing and reassuring the canine that was clearly uneasy with the presence of not just the warden but also cops that had their hands on their pistols as if the dog was armed and dangerous. The dog warden within the video [below] clearly had everything under control, Chloe gradually accepting the presence of the warden yet visibly still timid of the cops nearby.

The canine, named Chloe within the short video clip never flinched, nor really moved. Standing briefly before “shying away”. One could clearly evaluate that Chloe was “scared and worried” but never showed any signs of aggression, was not barking, nor out of control.

The wardens then managed to loop Chloe of which one of the Colorado Police officers tazered “then” shot the dog 4-5 times in the stomach. Chloe was under control though with a catch pole, and at a safe distance, the dog warden had “everything“ under control. Once shot the warden appeared to be shaken, as if to say “what the hell have you just done, I had everything under control“.

So what made the officer decide to then move closer to shoot Chloe?

There is no reason, no illness these officers are suffering and they certainly aren’t singling out just one breed of dog as we have seen in other videos and reports to emails news and media many other innocent canines simply shot dead. American police are taking the law into their own hands thus rendering the owners canine dead.


Many of these incidents are now being captured on video and sent to many domestic animal advocates, rescues and welfare corporations in an attempt to highlight these devastating and emotionally upsetting acts of violence.

May the 17th 2013 J D. Tuccille stated the following, which doesn’t make pleasant reading. The Houston Commanding officer seems arrogant in his manor in answering questions, to even reluctant in some case’s to even cooperate with simple reports of “cop on dog“ and not “dog on cop“.

Video below shows the cowardly attack by police officers on Chloe Dog

Below is the extract;

Most news stories of police shootings of dogs tend to be reported in a vacuum. Even when reporters interview outraged witnesses and discover that the offending pooches — almost invariably described as “pit bulls” — seem to attack officers lightning-fast, under improbably circumstances, after years of restrained behaviour, the shootings are usually treated as isolated incidents. But Scott Noll of KHOU did something a bit different by asking the Houston Police Department how often its officers felt compelled to shoot dogs, and what the outcome was in those cases. The answer? Well, Houston cops shoot a lot of dogs, and they never make mistakes.

The video above shows Star the Pit Bull “type” trying to help it’s owner, what did the police do wrong though?

  1. Failed to assess what was going on around them sufficiently and why the guy was actually shaking
  2. Within the 9.4 minutes never did they bother to help the dog, first aid, or sustain blood loss
  3. Acted correctly however not correctly, the dog could of bitten badly, however they have other weapons. Tazar, and pepper spray. They didn’t back of nor call for a warden. Within the 9 + minute video man nor dog was helped.
  4. They “knew of the man” they “knew of the dog” why didn’t they act weeks sooner to move any danger source away
  5. The screaming crowd made issues a lot worse

The report goes on to say;

In fact, the department said it has ruled all 187 officer-involved shootings of dogs since January 1, 2010 as justified. According to departmental records, 121 of those dogs died.

HPD declined to talk about the cases on camera, citing a pending lawsuit arising from one of the shootings. However, a police spokesman said departmental policy authorizes officers to use any force necessary to protect someone in imminent danger of an attack. But the 11 News I-Team found a trail of heartbroken dog-owners that stretches beyond city limits. A review of cases from across the Houston-area revealed at least 228 dogs shot by police and deputies since 2010. Out of that number, 142 dogs died.

All of the cases were justified? KHOU quotes Sgt. Joseph Guerra of the Precinct 6 Constable’s Department expressing a little scepticism of the clean bill of health the department and its neighbours give themselves. “We need to get those officers involved in some mandated training in how to defend before going to deadly force,” says Guerra, who demonstrates non-lethal techniques for distracting dogs.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is officially very down on police justifications for what has been a wave of shootings of dogs in recent years:

Policies that require only that an officer “feel” threatened set a very low threshold for justifying the killing of dogs. In virtually all cases we have examined, internal reviews of dog shootings have ruled them to be justifiable under existing policies, even though several cases have resulted in substantial civil judgments against police departments for wrongful destruction.

Such incidents not only jeopardize the lives of companion animals, but also undermine the reputation of law enforcement agencies in the community.

Police rarely receive any [training] that would allow them to rapidly and realistically assess the degree of danger posed by a dog; nor are they routinely informed about or trained to use any of the wide variety of non-lethal tools and techniques available to them as alternatives to shooting. And yes, police shootings of dogs have been a sufficient trend to elicit a formal report from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Community Oriented Policing Services last summer.

The Problem of Dog-Related Incidents and Encounters pointed out that “A recent poll revealed that approximately 53.5 percent of owners consider their dogs family members, another 45.1 percent view them as companions or pets, and less than 1.5 percent consider them mere property” on the way to emphasizing that Americans like their dogs and so killing them as a matter of casual policy upsets people.

The report also emphasized that serious dog bites are rare, and no particular breed is especially dangerous, so police have little reason to feel fear out of hand when encountering your average canine.

The report even offers some examples for interpreting doggy body language. It ultimately concludes that, dogs being an important part of American life, police might consider taking the time to learn how to deal with them. Shooting a dog should always be the option of last resort.

The safety of fellow officers and bystanders is put at risk in such situations, and when a law enforcement officer shoots a dog that does not constitute a serious threat, community trust is eroded and the department is opened to potential lawsuits and other legal action.

The report can be read here -

http://ric-zai inc.com/ric.php?page=detail&id=COPS-P206 you can purchase the report, read the abstract or download the PDF formatted report written by the Department of Justice.

So now we know that Chloe never even posed a threat, was not out of control, nor was she vicious or had even attacked anyone what forced the police officer to then shoot the Chloe even after the dog warden had Chloe under control? What was going through the mind of the officer to make him pull his pistol and shoot not once, nor twice but over three times?

  1. Was the officer trying to show off?
  2. Acting on his macho ego?
  3. Did he feel threatened even though “he” approached Chloe and not Chloe approaching himself?
  4. Trigger happy?
  5. Police brutality?
  6. Breed Specific Legislation - Discrimination?

Please click on the link below to view the emotionally heartbreaking story and video - Cops shoot an old non-violent dog then decide to walk away leaving this poor defenceless woman crying her heart out on the grass next to her dead companion. The canine never committed a single offence, simply scared, and protective of mother and father.

Cowardly police officers shoot animals - Nothing but abuser’s. Please share this news and media page to make aware the hideous crimes being committed against our domestic species.


We ourselves cannot answer that question although we have a very reasonable idea from which stems from being completely uneducated on how to handle a canine that they have come across, to simply being trigger happy.

Moving away from Chloe and focusing on other cases the fact stands at this. There is a rising American trend in canine killings by cops, of which most of these dogs appear to be “pit bull types”. This is pure discrimination of which is most likely being fuelled by the Breed Specific Legislation factor or [BSL].

The problem’s are serious and the nature in which animals are shot is purely over the top and grossly extreme to completely unnecessary. May 2013 in New York it was reported a cop simply took his pistol out and shot the families dog in the face causing extensive injuries. Why the face? Why not the leg? A cop normally when tackling a human shoots to injure so what’s different here?

Police brutality and complete sadism ring’s more than alarm bells here, the rather disturbing report explains to us that the officer within the NYPD (New York Police Department) needs relieving of their duties for an assessment of themselves under the mental health act.

The report is below;

May 2013 - Rochester - New York

Teddy Padilla remembers his wife Ada calling him, but it’s what she told him which still seems surreal. “They police shot Choco!”, Ada told her husband, who raced home to find Rochester, NY Police officers in front of his 97 Bleacker St. home, on Rochester’s east side.

“I pull up to my home and I get out and the first thing I ask the officers is what’s going on, and the officer tells me we had to shoot your dog” Teddy Padilla, his grey long sleeve shirt showing smears of his Choco’s blood.

“I said what do you mean you shot my dog, and the officer, very nonchalant says ‘yep, we had to shoot your dog’, I couldn’t believe it.”

Here’s what is known.

Around 6:00 p.m., Ada Padilla was in her home when she heard Choco, a pit bull terrier, barking. Ada then looked out of an upstairs window and saw a Rochester Police cruiser in front of the house.

“I ran downstairs and the officer was saying ‘Get your dog, get your dog’, and I said to him I’m trying, but the officer kept moving all over the place, then Choco ran in the house and the officer walked up as if to talk to me and Choco came back out but he was never aggressive and he never charged at the officer, it was more like he was [excited but not aggressive] and then the officer that had stayed inside the police car all this time got out of the car, walked up, took out his gun and shot Choco”, said Ada Padilla.

“Then Choco ran inside the house crying and bleeding from his mouth, there was blood everywhere, and he ran inside his crate, scared.”

The Padillas rushed Choco to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic on White Spruce Blvd., where Choco underwent emergency surgery, which will cost the family between $950.00 and $1,200.00.

The officer in the video above could of stayed in his car, he chose to place himself in danger then simply shoot the dog dead in the head for no reason. The dog was nervous and was scared. The officer acted wrongfully and unprofessionally.

There are people who own dogs who should not own dogs. Then there are people like the Padillas. Responsible, loving, dog owners.

I’m sure the RPD officers thought that Choco was just another pit bull in the city. They were wrong. Very wrong. Choco is licensed and registered. Choco is not just a dog. He is a member of the Padilla family. And it shows.
At the clinic, the Padillas were besides themselves, completely distraught.

When I first spoke with Teddy Padilla, on the phone, he was crying, telling me “They shot my dog, they shot my dog, I love my dog!”

Later, back at their home, I met with the Padillas, and I learned something very interesting. Something which was yet more proof of just how responsible the Padillas are as pet owners. Teddy Padilla told me that he had installed a 6 foot high fence on his property. Then, the City of Rochester made him take it down, telling him that the fence could not be more than 3 feet tall. Somehow, Choco got out of his yard Thursday evening. Like dogs do. And two Rochester, NY Police officers showed up.

Then, ironically, the officer who stayed in the patrol car, is the one who gets out and shoots an innocent family dog. Not the primary officer who mistook an energetic dog, for a supposedly ‘aggressive’ one. And just like that, another trigger-happy RPD officer shoots an innocent family dog.

End of report ……

So are we seeing a case of trigger happy cops? Or are we seeing a deliberate set up that not only saw the 6ft fence reduced as it was apparently to high, but what appears to be a “disgruntled neighbour” that may of reported the fence being to high, knowing that there was a “pit bull type” lovable and sociable living within the boundaries of the families home.

Breed Specific Discrimination comes to mind, of which we would be rather interested as to whom reported the fence being to high to then reporting a canine that had bolted the fence later resulting in almost over $2,000 in veterinary treatment to it’s face. By simply reading the extract report above the officer within the car obviously knew something, or he had been tipped off. He knew what to look for, and went in gun’s blazing. We do hope that a Freedom of Information Request report is submitted here as it does regrettably appear that someone within the community has a problem with canines.

Moving back to 2011 we see an even more disturbing case, however this one actually resulted in a police officer being fatally shot at point blank range later resulting sadly in his death.

The officer attended a report of a “disturbance” however what turned out to be a disturbance partially concluded with the cop ordered to shoot “defenceless canines that hadn’t even been involved within the disturbance”. The officer pointed a stun tazar gun at the canines of which the officer was shot dead by the owner.

You can read more here at the Daily Mail UK report. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2025812/Police-officer-Robert-Lasso-shot-dead-pointing-stun-gun-mans-dogs.html#ixzz1V83m5wOP

These cases although rare could as explained in the previous reports above show the United States Police force to be somewhat corrupt to even non-trusted which could result in another case such as the case in 2011 within the state of Pennsylvania. The Department of Justice must now get to grips with this gargantuan yet emotionally upsetting problem before another officer loses his life in the line of duty to an innocent canine or bystander hit by a shrapnel or stray bullet.


April 2nd 2013

The Colorado State Justice brought in mandatory proceedings of which all officers must undertake training to now prevent similar tragedies such as the tragic and most upsetting loss murder of Chloe.

Please read below.

The Examiner;

Colorado SB226 has passed the final house vote 64-0 requiring police officers to take mandatory training on dog behaviour. This bill, dubbed the [Dog Protection Act], passed the third reading on April 22 and is now on it’s way for Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper to sign. SB226 was passed by the Colorado Senate on April 3, 2013.

Senators David Balmer and Lucia Guzman sponsored the bill which would make deadly force against family dogs an option of last resort. No longer will the police officers of Colorado be allowed to kill family dogs as a line of first defence.

Colorado was in desperate need of such a bill, as more than 30 dogs were shot by police over the past five years. Most of those shot had no prior history of aggression and showed no aggression towards officers at the time they were shot.

Colorado is the first state in the nation to pass this legislation, which will not only require law enforcement officers to attend mandatory training on canine behaviour, it will also allow the dogs owner to control the dog. This has been an issue not just in Colorado, but nationwide.

Family dogs have been killed without giving the owner the opportunity to take the dog to a safe place before speaking with law enforcement personnel. Colorado is known as one of the most dog friendly states in the country, with approximately 46 million households owning at least one dog.

Hopefully other states will follow suit and pass similar legislation to protect family dogs from law enforcement.

End of report……….

So now Bill SB226 is being brought in to the “state of just” [Colorado] we need to desperately push this into every state one at a time, this will then see any officer that decides to use unreasonable and non-justified aggression against a non-violent canine as a punishable offence that could lead to a police conviction, suspension or relived of duties, fined or in worst case scenarios imprisoned should a passer by, member of the household or other be injured by a Colorado Police Officer’s negligence.

Regratablly though even after this bill was passed to the Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper there was another shooting, which resulted in a “service dog” being shot by Dacono Police from which you can read the report below;

An internal police investigation is being conducted after a Dacono, Colorado police officer shot a 3-year old service dog on May 5.

Witnesses to the shooting say the shooting was unnecessary, and the family is demanding answers as their family dog recovers from a gunshot wound to the chest. Mongo, a “pit bull” belonging to Iraq war veteran James Vester, got loose Sunday evening as Vester was doing some work in his yard on MacDonald Street.

Mongo is a [certified emotional service dog] given to James to help alleviate PTSD after returning from the war. A neighbour called police after Mongo escaped and came to her fence and started barking at her dogs.

Since animal control officers are typically off on the weekend, two Dacono Police Department officers took the call. Those police officers have a very different story to tell than neighbours who witnessed the shooting.
According to officers, the dog became aggressive, barking and lunging at the officers.

That’s when officers fired one shot at Mongo, hitting him in the chest with a .45 calibre weapon. Police reported the dog as growling until they shouted and aimed a flashlight at it. After the dog was shot, police say they followed a trail of blood back to the owners home, where the dog allegedly lunged at them again.

Neighbour Heather Viera witnessed the shooting and said Mongo didn’t bark, didn’t growl and didn’t lunge. In an interview to KDVR News, Heather stated “There was no noise at first, I just heard the gunshot — then the dog started crying,” Police ordered her to go in her house.


Another neighbour, Jenny Stevens backed up Heather’s statement “There was no barking. It was dead silent — There was not a bark, there wasn’t a growl,” said Stevens. “The cop did not say stop to the dog, the cop didn’t yell anything.” Dacono Police Chief Matthew B. Skaggs told KDVR that the police have their own witnesses, who claim the officer’s were justified in shooting the family dog. The officer hasn’t been placed on any kind of leave while the investigation takes place. It will take approximately two weeks before the police announce whether the officer did or didn’t have the right to shoot Mongo.

Right now James Vester, who witnessed horrific events during his time in Iraq, is now dealing with the post traumatic stress of watching his best friend get shot when other non-lethal methods were available.

This shooting occurred on the heels of the Dog Protection Act being passed in Colorado, which will require police officer’s to undergo training on dog behaviour. Mongo is in stable condition and expected to survive the shooting.

International Animal Rescue Foundation is not just angered by this but furious and frustrated as we know exactly how these canines behave, how they are trained, from which we have been for over a year now currently fighting to have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome PTSS/PTSD sufferers provided with service dogs of which the USAF defence force stated to us that it wasn’t affordable.

We have though sent many communications and have a petition that one can sign below for ex-service men to be provided with these dogs. Since we have been fighting the Department for Veterans Affairs has now began providing USAF and USAForce with service dogs that are trained in the same manner as dog’s for the blind or other disabilities. We have never seen any such behaviour in any dog of this type that’s been extensively trained and bonded to, with the ex-service men and women that deserve love and kindness from a furry friend.

The petition can be viewed here


Police brutality against all canines now has to cease and all states no matter how tough and possibly corrupt the governor may be or not be must now accept the bill to ensure these killings and woundings with intent are ceased along with Breed Specific Legislation wiped out of the police force just as human racism should be too.

Moving back to Chloe shot dead in 2012 The officer that shot Chloe, Robert Price, is charged with felony animal cruelty and his arraignment hearing has been rescheduled twice. His arraignment was scheduled for May 6, 2013, 8:30 am, Brighton, Colorado. Reports will be updated on this once known.

Deputy Robert Price - Arraignment Hearing Rescheduled Again - For Monday, May 6, 2013 8:30 am Adams County Courthouse Brighton, CO - he actually pleaded NOT GUILTY.

Guided and Important information

Links are attached underneath;

Colorado’s Fraternal Order of Police’s initial positions on Chloe’s case and more shooting’s.


a. “To the untrained eye, and without knowledge of the factual details or the circumstances involved, any use of force by law enforcement is not easy to watch and is often not understood by the general public. This was no different. As a result of this video the officers’ actions were vilified by an uninformed public.”

b. “… criminal charge against a Commerce City police officer who shot and killed a dog “outrageous” and the result “of a sensationalized media event.”


2. VIDEO: Denver Post January 22, 2013: Commerce City Officer Who Shot Chloe the Dog Has New Arraignment Date (includes info re: Chloe supporters and media members being sent to wrong courtroom on wrong floor)


3. VIDEO: Personal Video of January 22, 2013: Chloe Supporter Asking for Room To Be Seated: One Chloe Supporter Who Found Correct Courtroom Last Week After Media and Chloe Supporters Were Deliberately Sent To Wrong Courtroom

Up-dated information on Chloe dog’s case will follow;

Update on Chloe Dog case - Updated 1 June 2013 - Please view the link below for more information. 

The Commerce City, Colorado police officer that shot Chloe, Robert Price, plead “Not Guilty” to the felony aggravated animal cruelty charges — here’s what happens next:


please sign the petition or I am Chloe, brutalised and murdered for being a good girl how my parents taught me

Read more in the link below and take time to view the raw emotions of what the killer caused to an entire nation of animal lovers. https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForChloeRIP/photos_stream

Read this if your dog was shot during a police raid.


The National Canine Research Council (NCRC)


The (NCRC) follows all incidents of law enforcement shooting dogs and is keenly aware of the widespread nature of dog shootings by LE. NCRC’s August 2011 manual was co-authored by an NCRC staff member and advisor for the Department of Justice called “The Problem of Dog-related Incidents and Encounters”


Law enforcements’ own publication “Law Enforcement Today” warns “Officers need to be concerned about the possibility of a lawsuit being filed if an officer is involved in a dog shooting.



Article titled “Shooting a Suspect’s Pet,” published Thursday, October 13, 2011 on the website called “Law Officer Police and Law Enforcement.”


Osorio, a former cop, tells them there are dogs in about one in three households — nearly 80 million in all. He says officers shoot about 250,000 dogs a year… often needlessly.


Quick Overview of Police Shooting Pets: Michigan State University College of Law, Animal Legal & Historical Centre


Damages for Death or Injury of an Animal: Animal Legal Defense Fund Resources.


What to do when your companion animal has been injured or killed: Animal Legal Defense Fund Resources


Villos v. Eyre (officers who shot a dog were denied qualified immunity claims).


Colorado’s “Dog Protection Act” aka SB 13-226, was unanimously passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee and will be considered later by the full chamber. There was also a rally today at noon outside the capitol building in Denver, Colorado.



Colorado’s “Dog Protection Act aka SB 13-226,



ASPCA Support of Colorado’s Animal Welfare Legislation


Tracking 2013 cases of Dogs Shot by Police on Facebook page:


Part I Video Updated November 2012

Part II Video Family Pets Shot By Law Enforcement

Family Pets Shot By Law Enforcement Continued November 2012

Dogs Shot by Police Video Published on Apr 26, 2012

3. Hearts United In Hope 4 Animals







4. This is a new article on Houston PD shootings of dogs. This news reporter does a very, very good job, very serious. Scroll to time mark about 3min (2min50sec) to get to where the story starts. Adds go until then.




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