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Donkeys - Abused, Neglected and Used As Sex Slaves


Donkeys are used as sex slaves by men in Columbia, forced to work to the point of death in brick kilns and grain industries, set on fire and used as target practice in war zones, used to carry weapons, gas bottles, overweight humans and beaten mercilessly by children and adults. Terrified and screaming their forced to parasail in the sky for advertising gimmicks, dressed in ridiculous costumes to be laughed at, used for animal experiments by a veterinary college and used as live-bait for the wealthy, as entertainment when they are fed alive, to lions on private estates and zoos. Donkey abuse is not even taken seriously: “Oh it’s only a stupid donkey.”


Female Donkey Sex Slaves

Many Columbian men have their first sexual experience at around eleven years old, with a female donkey, which is a “relationship” many continue throughout their entire life. This behaviour is not only considered “normal” but it is encouraged. Young wives smile and say “As long as its not another woman, he can have as many donkeys as he likes.” Young men boast “I’ve had over a hundred donkeys!”

Donkey 18

Donkey sex is blamed on the Catholic Church for having strict rules about girls marrying as a virgin, therefore Columbian men jiggled the scriptures around and skipping over the paragraphs forbidding beastiality, Columbian men found a way to have sex before, during and after marriage - with donkeys.

The following video is a short documentary looking into the sexual life of many Columbian men.

It isn’t only female donkeys which are abused, male donkeys are sex slaves in the adult entertainment industry and porn film business. Its been a standard joke for decades about the Tijuiana Donkey Shows between women and male donkeys which tourists flock to see, get drunk and applaud wildly.

Donkeys In Ethiopia’s Grain Industry

In Ethiopia’s grain industry, donkeys are made to walk up to seven hours carrying heavy loads over 200kg. They also have to stand for hours in the sun, without water, rest or shade.

The donkeys are worked to near death and eventually collapse to ground under the relentless loading of heavy sacks of grain. Exhausted, they are unable to stand up again.

The average working day for a grain carrying donkey starts at 3am in the morning when he’s loaded with 200kg sacks of grain, which is the equivalent of the weight of two grown men. Carrying all that weight, the donkeys then have to walk up to 30 kilometres to their destination.

Arriving at the market exhausted, the donkeys then have to stand for hours without proper rest, food or shade with the 200kg sacks of grain STILL TIED TO THEIR BACKS!

Donkeys 18

Broken and exhausted, it is not unusual for donkeys to collapse to the ground and as if invisible to passers-by, the poor donkeys lay pinned to the ground under the weight of the grain as passers-by step around them and say its normal. Its not normal at all, it is animal cruelty in action!

The Brooke is teaching donkey owners to recognise when an animal is in pain and more importantly how to prevent the suffering in the first place with things such as not overloading the animal and removing the load as soon as it arrives at the market. They are also teaching owners to carry some food for the donkey so they can eat while resting.

The Brooke organisation say far too many donkeys are still suffering as their forced to work in cruel and brutal conditions. In prosperous countries donkeys can live to 50 years old, but for many working donkeys the average lifespan is twelve to fifteen years old. Shockingly, the expected life span of a working donkey in the Ethiopian grain industry is less than five years!

Donkeys Working At Brick Factories

Donkey 14

In each cycle (walking track) donkeys, mules and horses carry between 4,000 and 5,000 bricks. They complete 14 x cycles each day. Temperatures are over 50C on a summer day.

Overloading lorry’s with bricks is an ongoing problem with far-reaching consequences. Owners need to keep their donkeys, mules and horses healthy to be able to earn money to consequently feed their family, but excessive over loading of the lorries is the main area of injury to the donkeys.

When donkeys are hung in the air by their harness, from having too much weight placed onto their lorry, their harness sears into their flesh, especially around the girth area, which is a vital area to keep healthy and wound free.

Tourists traveling the word see donkeys working in deplorable conditions, being whipped and made to carry crushing loads of bricks, sand, gas bottles and so. It is not unusual to see work donkeys with horrific wounds and often lame, hobbling to the best of their ability as their ignorant owner whips them mercilessly.

Donkeys 12

Donkey Information

The scientific name for donkeys is Equus asinus asinus and the loud call or bray of the donkey, which usually lasts around twenty seconds, can be heard over three kilometres and with their large ears, they pick up more distant sounds. The large ears may also help cool the donkey’s blood.

Donkeys have a strong sense of self-preservation and it is considerably difficult to force or frighten a donkey into doing something it perceives as dangerous; however, once the person has earned the donkey’s trust, the donkey will be a willing companion and dependable work partner.  Donkeys are quite intelligent, cautious, friendly, playful  and eager to learn.

Donkeys have been a working animal for over five thousand years and today, approximately 96% are in underdeveloped  countries where they are the cheapest form of labour.

During World War 1 John Simpson Kirkpatrick and his donkey became embedded in history for rescuing wounded soldiers at Gallipoli, in Turkey. Simpson was a British stretcher bearer serving with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.  In Australia, Simpson and his donkey are still revered as heroes. Richard “Dick” Henderson of the New Zealand Corps also used donkeys to rescue wounded soldiers at Gallipoli.

simpson-1 2

Donkeys Betrayed By Veterinarian College

The Veterinary College of Cairo been exposed for carrying out brutal live-animal experiments on donkeys and dogs and is being sued by the Society for the Protection of Animals in Cairo. The first undercover video shows a live baby donkey being deliberately electrocuted and in the next video dogs were ties up and deliberately beaten and then after a time lapse, beaten again before the vet students’ experiments began.

Outrage broke out when the videos were initially posted on You Tube and then after some time a grainy photograph appeared on social media from the same college, showing a roomful of dead donkeys which were all connected by tubes to a series of mysterious tanks.

The Dean of the Vet College, Professor Dr. Fathy Farouk says the faculty condemns the acts and are pinning them on contract workers. He asserts that no students or faculty staff were involved in the abuse and that the faculty seeks to punish those responsible.

Donkey 19

Donkeys Abused At Rodeos By Overweight Riders

Crowds roar with laughter as the obese person crashes down on the poor donkey’s back, quickly followed by her two friends, as they all try to ride tandem on the little donkey’s back. Crowds almost role in the aisle whent the frail donkey’s back gives way, it’s legs buckle and it starts to fall as the obese person rolls like a giant tub of lard onto the ground.

The obese “rider” had a choice whether to get on the donkey or not. The donkey had no say in the matter. The audience cheer like crazy and want to see it again! They too had a choice about applauding donkey cruelty - but hey, “it’s only a stupid donkey.” Welcome to western and European donkey world where they are used as entertainment.

Donkeys Used in Advertising

Donkeys are cruelly picked on to be abused in pranks. There are many videos where live and healthy donkeys are deliberately thrown off bridges, thrown off cliffs, set on fire and so on, in a sickening list of cowardly horror.

Rescued Donkeys

The following video contains some happy donkey rescues.

There are good people working tirelessly for donkey welfare in various countries . The Brooke and Pegasus are two organisations who are working on the front lines and trying to educate working-donkey owners to take better care of their donkey, which in turn benefits the owner and ensures his donkey will be with him for longer, which means the owner will have an income to look after not only his donkey, but his family’s welfare too. The video starts off slowly but quickly moves to happy outcomes!

Donkeys Used As Sick Entertainment

Entertainment for the wealthy

Armenia’s wealthiest citizen has his own private zoo with lions which he regularly enjoys placing a live donkey in with his lions so he can enjoy watching the donkey being torn apart by his lions as entertainment. In the video below the donkey takes the upper hand and has the lion pinned down under him and is seriously trying to kill the lion.

The situation became so serious that the lion’s owner freaked out and demanded the donkey be shot, to save the life of his lion. It is disgusting treatment of the poor donkey and the lion as well, but especially the donkey. After being shot several times, the donkey was still alive and standing upright, pretending nothing was wrong. At the end of the video you can see someone poking the severely injured donkey with a forked branch.  Poor donkey.

Donkeys Eaten Alive in Zoos

The following video was filmed in an Iranian Public Zoo. Hundreds of families with children gather to watch LIVE donkeys placed in the lion’s enclosure. In this video the donkey is FULLY CONSCIOUS and struggling for the entire sixteen minutes as its being attacked by the lions. Mercifully for the viewer there is no sound to this video. The donkey being eaten alive is bad enough, but the hundreds of people, consisting of mainly families with young children, who cheer and act as though they are at a ball game is alarming and disheartening to see such a lack of empathy for another living creature.


What is presented  in this article is only a fraction of the horrors bestowed upon donkeys around the world. In almost every country you will find some form of horrific donkey abuse. Throughout history donkeys have served so many countries faithfully in war service and are currently on the front lines of war zones today. Until there is a shift in people’s understanding the worth of donkeys, there will be no change in their treatment. Instead of embracing the intelligence, loyalty and generous spirit of the donkey, he is reduced to something to jeer and laugh at. The bottom line is that donkeys have been utterly betrayed by humans. 

Throughout the world there are numerous donkey rescue organisations and on behalf of donkeys worldwide, please remember the plight of donkeys and their desperate need for help. Please open your heart to donkeys .

Thank you for reading.

Michele Brown.

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