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The Dog Meat Trade: Sex, Lies and Brutality

The Dog Meat Trade: Sex, Lies and Brutality

Welcome to the dog and cat meat trade, where the treatment of animals is unregulated, cruelty goes unchecked and butchers answer to no one. Worst of all, in many dog and cat-eating countries, parents expose their children to the trade at a very young age, desensitizing them against animal cruelty in a way that only works to perpetuate this gruesome trade, generation after generation.

Small children are often involved in killing dogs and cats, either by observing or helping their parents commit acts of brutality and murder. In the same manner that parents may hide coins in the Christmas pudding to surprise their children, children of dog and cat eaters are “surprised” by the news that the meal they ate the night before was not funny-tasting beef, but dog. And so the next generation of dog-eaters is born.

Small children can be seen accompanying their parents to dog and cat meat markets, peering in wonder at small animals housed in cramped, dirty cages. Meanwhile, their parents roughly pick up puppies and tip them upside down – similar to the way you might examine an orange in a grocery store – only to throw them down and do the same with several more pups until they decide which one they want. The child is simply excited because he is getting a living “thing” to play with for a while.

It’s not unusual for a family to raise a dog for about four months – just enough time for a child to think of the dog as their own pet – then kill it and eat it. One of the attractions of fattening a puppy at home is that you can kill it in the “traditional” manner, which ensures you will not end up with soft, tender meat, considered sub-standard by dog meat-eaters.

This thinking is in complete opposition to the western and European world when it comes to the quality of meat. Western and European carnivores demand tender meat, brought about by inducing as little stress as possible upon farm animals leading up to and during their slaughter. This goes hand in hand with regulations enforced by official meat inspectors within regulated slaughterhouse industries.

In complete contrast to western and European ways, Asia and African dog-eaters demand tough meat, believing that when men eat tough meat it makes them “tough.” What they really mean is that tough meat is believed to act as a male sexual stimulant and promote virility and sexual prowess, giving a man longer staying power and extra energy for a repeat performance, regardless of his age.

This belief is absolutely false and without merit – there is absolutely no scientific evidence that proves that gorging on dog meat does anything to aid a man’s sexual performance or cure his difficulties, such as premature ejaculation. Men with challenges in the bedroom should simply see a doctor, a sex therapist, or both!

Thinking that dog meat acts as a sexual aid is only the tip of the iceberg, because these people aren’t interested in eating just any type of dog meat – the animal must be killed in a certain manner in order for the meat to work its “magic,” according to numerous dog meat-eating men I have interviewed across many dog and cat-eating nations.


Customers demand that the dog be tortured to ensure full flavour, which is affectionately called “tenderising.” The most important factor to a dog meat eater is that when killing a dog, its body is flooded with adrenaline, which is pumped though the dog’s body when terrified and in agony. This over-saturation of adrenaline produces the tough meat consistency and strong flavour so greatly desired by dog meat aficionados.

Fake Sexual Performance Claims

Because dog meat is falsely promoted as possessing magical sexual powers, it is mainly eaten by men, who like to eat it in groups. Depending on the country, it is usually frowned upon for women to even consider eating dog meat, however there are exceptions in the case of pregnancy and postpartum conditions.

I’ve interviewed numerous dog butchers from different countries and they’ve all intimated that the sexual potency of dog meat is far too strong for fragile womenfolk to handle. They seem to believe that the meat may cause the fairer sex to go out of control and become irrational with lust – heaven forbid! According to dog and cat meat butchers, such lusts are a man’s domain and are not something women should trouble their minds over.

In dog and cat meat markets, it isn’t unusual to see evidence of this ignorant, sexist and perverted thinking. For example, an elderly South Korean woman building up her husband’s ego by announcing that dog meat allows her husband to “cuddle her twice in one night” as she breaks up into giggles while he puffs out his chest. Or a devoted father taking his young boy out for a day and buying a puppy, which in reality is really no different than his shopping at an adult store and perusing the sexual aid products with his son in tow.

Although there ‘are’ animal lovers in dog and cat eating countries, for the most part cruelty is simply an accepted part of life for many of the people, where they are conditioned, brainwashed and desensitised to believe that animals are simply lesser beings that are meant to be used, tortured and consumed. That’s why you’ll commonly hear the same defensive protests from these people when questioned about their taste for dog meat: “it’s no different than eating a cow, pig or chicken!” Yes, it is different because there is no regulation, no oversight and no protection of companion animals from the deliberate inflicted cruelty that goes hand-in-hand with dog and cat meat-eating.

Livestock are regulated and have rights whereas dogs and cats are not regulated and have no rights. However, legislation and/or legalisation will only make the situation worse because many countries already have existing laws in placethat are openly ignored, so more laws are NOT the answer. The only solution is to end the dog and cat meat trade. 

Dog Butchers

The practices dog meat butchers use are beyond gruesome. Notice in the (top) photograph that the dog has been bludgeoned in the head with a wooden mallet, which would not kill the dog at all. The dog would simply be stunned due to head injuries, giving the killer enough time to stab it in the chest – not to kill the dog but simply to inflict agony, guaranteeing that the animal’s body floods with adrenaline. This ensures tough meat.

After bludgeoning and then stabbing the dog, the man would “tenderize” the dog by repeatedly bludgeoning the tender parts of its body, such as its belly and groin, as the dog writhes on the ground in agony. The man would then begin skinning the dog alive. 

Small dogs and puppies are often clubbed on the head to stun them, (not to kill them), then their fur is scrapped off with a knife, which does not kill them either, then the conscious dog or puppy is boiled alive and left to flail in a vat of boiling water whilst being cooked from the outside in, as shown in the photo below.

In South Korea’s main dog and cat meat market, Moran Market, dog butchers have modernised their killing methods, due to the daily quantity of dogs they kill and these days they mostly electrocute the dogs in either their mouth or genitals, However, this only stuns the dogs and does not kill them. After dropping to the ground and seizing, the dogs are dragged into the killing rooms where they regain consciousness and are them thrown into  hair removal machines, which are giant agitators of boiling water that rips the fur off the dog’s body as the machine spins violently. The dog is then hung by the neck and set on fire from the flames of a blowtorch. “Traditional” killing method (torture) is still available on request at Moran Market.

Good old-fashioned “traditional” tortures can last up to one hour. In some countries such as South Korea, one method involves hanging a fully conscious dog by the neck and beating it with a club whilst repeatedly giving the dog multiple electric shocks, just to add more agony, but not to kill it. Over the course of close to an hour, the still alive but petrified and agonised dog is set it on fire with a blow torch and slowly cooked alive. When the word “traditional” is mentioned in relation to dog meat, it is referring to preferred and deliberate brutal torture methods.

When the initial flames hit the dog’s flesh, its entire body shudders violently while its eyes roll back in its head. Even several minutes later, there are still signs of life such as the dog’s ears still flick back and forth and it’s lower jaw opens and closes, as if to let out silent screams, as it cooks from the outside in.

Having witnessed this torture firsthand I can tell you it is perhaps one of the most horrific things to witness, not just because the cruelty is so intentional and extreme but also because the so-called human’s objective is not to kill the animal right away, but rather to torture it for as long as possible.

Whether by hanging, bludgeoning, stabbing, boiling, burning or skinning alive, there is no humane way to kill a dog or a cat in the meat trade. The only answer is to simply ban this trade wherever it exists. It is a cruel and gruesome industry that thrives due to greed, ignorance, cultural superstition and emotional desensitization. Eating dog and cat meat does not cure anything – it only causes the suffering and death of dogs and cats!

Companion animals must be protected and most importantly, taken off the menu. Domesticated thousands of years ago to be just that – our companions – dogs and cats are our friends, not food!

Michele Brown.


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