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China: Beating People’s Pet Dogs To Death



Dog owners are left sobbing on the ground, in pools of their pet dog’s blood as official Dog Beaters laugh in their face. Dog owners do not even have the dignity of burying their pet, which is thrown onto a lorry of beaten, broken and bloodied dog corpses. Beaten dogs are often not killed outright, but left to die slow agonised deaths on the corpse-lorry. Pleading and begging owners are met with violence.

China: July, 2014: Official Dog Beaters went door to door and beat to death pet dogs in Shijazjuang, a city near Beijing. Even licensed pet dogs were slaughtered. Dogs could be heard wailing across the city as they were systematically massacred by groups of dog beaters, armed with bamboo poles, leaving distraught owners sobbing over their butchered pets’s bloodied remains. Welcome to China!


Homeless man’s pet dog falsely accused of rabies, then beaten to death in front of his owner as onlookers laugh.

Walking your pet dog on a leash in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, if your stopped by authorities known as “Chengguan”, you must IMMEDIATELY produce a current dog license or you will be forced to the ground and held down while your dog is beaten to death with a bamboo pole, before being thrown onto a wagon of already bludgeoned dogs and carted away as trash. It doesn’t matter if your a local or a foreigner, the Dog Beaters couldn’t care less.

Loved Pet Poodle Beaten To Death

A licensed and LOVED PET POODLE was recently beaten to death in front of his distraught owner, whilst out for a walk on a leash. Screaming that his dog was licensed, he was thrown to the ground by Chengguan (authorities) and held down as his loved pet poodle was repeatedly bludgeoned with a bamboo pole right in front of his eyes, before they threw it’s bloodied and broken body onto the wagon of other masaccered dogs. The owner was left laying on the pavement, sobbing uncontrollably in a pool of his loved poodle’s spilled blood (name withheld.)


Note the bamboo poles used for killing dogs, as locals and officials enjoy a laugh after killing dogs.

This horrific behaviour has been taking place for decades but until now it has been another of China’s in-house dirty little secrets. Its not only dogs which are killed, but all sorts of pets, including pet cats, pet rabbits and so on.

When a foreigner’s pet is beaten to death by Dog Beaters, foreigners are often too scared to speak up because of the very real threat of deportation. When a local Chinese person’s pet is beaten to death by Dog Beaters they just accept it because they are too scared to cause a ripple for fear of retaliation against their family.

In Shizazhuang, in the town of TanGuHuiQian, the ban on killing all pets began when the village cadre’s granddaughter was bitten by a dog. In an over-reation, all unlicensed dogs were given an immediate death sentence, to be beaten to death by Dog Beaters. Even pet owners with pet rabbits moved to other towns to save the life of their pets.

Next the village cadre ordered ALL DOGS are to be beaten to death - including licensed pet dogs!

China’s animal activists are dramatically outnumbered; however, they find the strength to keep fighting for animals, even though Chinese governments and most Chinese people wish they would simply shut up and go away.

100 Dogs and Puppies Buried Alive

In April, 2014 animal rescuers from the Yinchuan Pets Home group were notified “there were some dogs in a hole” said spokesperson Li Yeh, 28 years old. The number of animals was actually over one hundred live-dogs and live-puppies which been thrown in the bottom of a twenty foot deep pit which had been dug with heavy machinery, suggesting government officials were behind the excavation.


Animal rescuers dig to uncover the sounds of whimpering coming from under the soil.

The location was near a garbage dump in Alxa League, near China’s border with Mongolia, where dogs are regarded as vermin. Translating from Chinese to English, animal rescuers were notified of “some dogs in a hole” but due to circumstances, were unable to attend until the next morning.


Animal rescuers uncover the whimpering dogs and are horrified at what they find.

The next morning, rescuers arrived at the location of the pit and were absolutely HORRIFIED! The pit had been filled in during the night and they could hear whimpering coming from beneath the surface of the freshly filled dirt. The 100 alive dogs and puppies had been BURIED ALIVE by Chinese officials. ‘We could even hear some whimpering when we started to dig down.” said Li Yeh.

Digging by hand, rescuers were only able to retrieve four live animals: one new born puppy and three adult dogs. Approximately ninety six dogs and puppies died from being buried alive. Each of the four surviving  animals was severely traumatised, dehydrated and injured.


100 dogs and puppies which were buried alive and left to die.

Another rescuer said: ‘Even by local standards this was a barbaric and heartless act.” The next day rescuers returned to the site only to find that the (96) dead dogs had been excavated and removed to an unknown location, in an attempt to cover-up the disgusting actions of government authorities, known as Chengguan.

‘We hired an excavator and found in the place where the dogs were buried, six dead dogs which were damaged by an excavator before we got there,”  said volunteer rescuer Fan. In other words when the rescuers hired an excavator, instead of uncovering 96 dogs, they only found 6 dogs which had severe injuries in line with being hacked by an excavator.


After being buried alive this new born puppy is severely injured, dehydrated and traumatised.

‘These dogs all had soil in their mouths and noses, which means before we arrived at the scene, local Chengguan had already transferred the dogs’ bodies to another secret place.’

As expected, an official from the local Chengguan office denied the allegations and said an investigation had been launched. The Chengguan official told AFP “We are investigating if some stray dogs were buried alive. I can ensure you we didn’t do this kind of thing, and moreover, we are not in charge of stray dogs.’


One of three severely traumatised adult dogs just rescued, after being buried alive.

Officially called the City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, the Chengguan operate in every community in China. The Chengguan have a reputation for heartless treatment of the people they monitor - often the poorest in Chinese society. Earlier this month April, 2014 , four of them were beaten almost to death by a mob after they witnessed a Chengguan officer kill a street trader with a hammer.

50,000 Dogs Beaten To Death, Including Pets

A few years ago officials in the eastern city of Jining planned to kill all dogs within three miles of where rabies had been found, said the official Xinhua News Agency. Sixteen people had died of rabies over a span of eight months and the city which had 50,000 dogs,  did not say when the killings would commence or how the dogs would be massacred.


Gangs of Official Dog Beaters patrol the streets of Shijazhuang ( a city near Beijing.)

2,651 Chinese people died of ‘diagnosed’ rabies in the year 2004, but the number is likely to be dramatically higher because that number only includes cases which were diagnosed by medical professionals. A large majority of people in China practice TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine and (falsely) believe eating dog meat or cat meat will cure almost all illness and diseases, which it does not!

A few years ago only 3% of China’s dogs were vaccinated against rabies and one county in the southwestern Yunnan province massacred 50,000 dogs because 3 people died of rabies. Many of the 50,000 dogs were pets, which were beaten to death in-front of their distraught owners.

Animal rights groups say the mass-murder of dogs shows the Chinese governments incompetence in being able to correctly deal with rabies or other routine heath issues. “I think this is completely insane: says Zhang Luping, founder of the Beijing Human and Animal Environmental Educational Centre.  “It damages our national image and sets a really bad example.” She went on to say there were no laws under which citizens could stop the killings. “Tens of thousands of people die in car accidents each year, but we don’t ban cars. Dogs are simply easy to persecute” said Xinhua.


Official Dog Beaters patrol the streets.

Saynotodogmeat.Net  sources in China said “Gangs have been beating unlicensed dogs to death for over twenty years but the international community doesn’t seem to know much about it. It especially happens in affluent areas such as Beijing and Shanghai, where many foreigners live, but they don’t report it. Dog license fees in Beijing and Shanghai are very expensive; however,  license fees in less affluent cities are less expensive.”


Dog being slaughtered and skinned for dog meat, on a city sidewalk with people walking past. No-one notices.

July11, 2014: “Shijazhuang dog beater gang began their barbaric massacre of dogs.”

July 13, 2014:”The Shijazhuang dog beater team began a brutal dog massacre. Today the dog massacre got worse. Neighbours reported seeing dog beaters knocking on door to door to catch dogs. Even licensed dogs were not spared! Captuured dogs were slaughtered. We can hear the dog’s wailing sound throughout the city.”

Foreigner’s Pet Dog Beaten To Death

May, 2014: A British man living in Beijing and working as a teacher at a Chinese international school also had his loved pet dog ‘One Eye’ beaten to death in front of him. (Teacher’s name withheld, for his safety.)

The dog was within size regulations and had been a stray dog, known affectionately as ‘One-Eyed-Jack’ before being recently adopted by the teacher. The dog had just had his vaccinations from the vet and was waiting for his license to arrive.

When approached by officials, the teacher explained the situation (in Mandarin), about the vet and the adoption but the officials pushed his to the ground and refused to even listen.

Farmer’s 2 Tibetin Mastiff Dogs Beaten To Death

November, 2013: A Chinese farmer’s two Tibetan Mastiff dogs were hunted down and over hours,  beaten with shovels and bamboo rods and eventually shot several times each by police. Both dogs were docile and and lived on their owners farm, guarding his sheep. The main photograph at the top of this page shows one of the dogs hiding on his own property. The dog had already been severely battered and bludgeoned, as you can see by the blood spatter around him on the concrete floor.


Farmer’s Tibeten Mastiff dog being bludgeoned by officials.

Take a magnifying glass and look closely at the dog in the main photograph. His tongue is drenched in blood. He cat’s stand on his bloodied leg, which is possibly fractured from being repeatedly smashed with shovels. Look at the amount of blood spatter on the concrete floor; its all around the dog, meaning the dog is carrying serious injuries which we cannot see thru his heavy coat. Worst of all - look at his eyes. Study the look on his face and the fear and lack of understanding why humans are attacking him.


Officials and locals gather and laugh about the dog they tortured and bludgeoned.

This dog was a friendly pet who guarded sheep, along with his the farmers’ other dog, the black Tibetan Mastiff.  This dog didn’t know to run away when weapon wielding idiots approached and and swung their first blow into his head. Pursued by almost one hundred angry men, eventually the dog was shot six times by a policeman. The other dog, the black Mastiff was teated equally as badly and killed as brutally.

It was reported that the six gunshots did not kill the brown dog, so locals cut him up using the blade of their shovels, while he was still alive.


Chinese farmer’s other dog, black Tibetan Mastiff also beaten to death.

Ramada Plaza Hotel Pudong-Shanghai

July, 2014: Ramada Plaza Hotel, Pudong-Shanghai staff beat a heavily pregnant, docile and friendly stray dog for two hours, who was known as ‘Wampee.’ After torturing Wampee  for two hours, hotel staff then drowned the dog before slicing open her belly to spill the unborn puppies onto the ground to watch them die too. July 17, 2014.

After beating Wampee for TWO HOURS with a stick, the heavily pregnant dog still wouldn’t die, so hotel staff then got a large bucket of water and drowned her. They then proceeded to slice open her pregnant belly to spill the unborn puppies out to leave them to die alongside their dead mother.

It was only after public condemnation that the Ramada Plaza Hotel claimed their staff members had been attacked by a supposedly rabies carrying dog, known as Wampee. The Ramada Hotel said the heavily pregnant dog, who used to sleep on the grass behind the hotel, bit three staff members.

The alleged “victim” received rabies injections. Local people who had known “Wampee” for some time said the dog was “docile and friendly” and they were outraged at the cruelty in torturing a pregnant dog for two hours before actually killing her and slicing her belly open to kill her puppies. They do not believe Wampee  had rabies and said even “if” she did, she should not have been tortured for two hours!

The killing of Wampee was videoed by a hotel guest, but they are too scared to release the footage publicly incase authorities come after them. We are currently trying to get a copy of the footage. Complaint Form to lodge with the Ramada Plaza hotel chain against  the Ramada Plaza Hotel, 18 New Jinqiao Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, where the torture and killing of Wampee and her puppies took place.

What happened to Wampee is not a new situation. China has organised gangs of Official Dog Beaters who work for the government and its their job to kill as many dogs as possible, to eradicate as many dogs from China.as possible. Licensed or unlicensed, in many areas it just doesn’t matter. The following is a link to a Ramada Plaza Hotel Contact Form:  www.ramada.com/hotelsgencontactmessage/contact-us




China is a country with little mercy for anything or anyone. Not only does it endorse cruelty against animals, its equally as cruel to its own citizens. Taking a loved family pet and forcing distraught owners to lay on the ground to watch and hear their loved pet being bludgeoned again and again, as it screams for them to save it, would force many an owner into a mental breakdown,

Violent bullying of people and obscene cruelty against their pets is beyond despicable. It is equally despicable to bludgeon stray animals in such a brutally grotesque manner.

Having seem many dogs beaten and bludgeoned first hand in the dog and cat meat trade, I know for a fact dogs do not die easily and they do not die quietly! It is for certain that many dogs which are beaten would not be dead, but rather severely injured and left in terrible agony for hours on end, possibly even days, depending on when they are “trashed.”

Animal lovers around the world need to realise what is happening to “man’s best friend” within China. Millions of dogs [and cats] are slaughtered for dog and cat meat every year in China, but unknown numbers of dogs are also killed simply to get rid of them. Dogs need to be sterilised, vaccinated against rabies and other illnesses. Beating dogs to death with sticks is not humane and not acceptable.

To read more about China’s dog and cat meat trade: www.Saynotodogmeat.Net.

Thank you for reading,

Michele Brown.


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